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TTMT 141

6 thoughts on “TTMT 141

  1. That’s ALL you did?? Are you kidding me. You have done LOADS of projects. I love it all! Two quilts and the crochet – terrific. Thanks for sharing it all.


  2. Rainey!!!! It seems like forever since we’ve seen you. Love Matt’s quilt!!! It grew!!!! I sent Patrick’s girlfriend in to buy fabric at Matt’s store. She was too shy to say anything. Patrick got her a sewing machine after I left. I wished he had said something so that you and I could have helped him pick something out. Anyway… I was in a quilt shop with my friend Mary the other day and I saw the firefly pattern and I turned to her and said, “Have you started making that yet?” She looked at me like I was crazy…and said, “No, that must be the other quilter you having been cheating on me with”. LOL!!!! Love seeing the crochet. I haven’t done that in years. It’s nice to change it up every once in a while.


  3. Yay for your Umbridge quilt being home! It looks great on your wall. A very Harry Potter video indeed.

    Matt’s quilt is looking fabulous. I love the colors.

    Welcome back to crochet! Your baby blanket is gorgeous. It looks to me like you just back in with both feet.


  4. How fantastic to have your Umbridge quilt on the wall. I could not find a wall big enough to hang my PoD on, lol.
    Oh that quilt for Matt is looking great!

    And your crochet is looking good. I haven’t crocheted in ages. I need to finish the Linus blanket I was working on.


  5. The Umbridge quilt is fabulous. It looks great hanging on the wall with your trunk/bag ready to go. Matt’s quilt is looking great. The crocheted blanket is wonderful, love the edge on it. The flower granny square is going to be a happy afghan.


  6. Oh the Umbridge Quilts looks amazing! What a beautiful thing to look at on the wall.

    Matt’s quilt looks great.

    Ooooh your crochet looks beautiful. I completely get need to do something different. You plowed through so many projects this year. Time to change it up a tad.

    Happy Crafting


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