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TTMT 5/20/21: YOD Update

5 thoughts on “TTMT 5/20/21: YOD Update

  1. Again, I love seeing your PoD blocks!

    I looked your friend’s books up and she’s on my To Read list. She sounds right up my alley! Her block looks great!

    I already watched this week’s video so I know you had a blast on your shopping trip with your new sister-in-law.

    It’s good to hear that Maryanne got to go home (apologies if I spelled her name wrong). I hope she continues to improve.


  2. I love how personal your YoD is. It’s going to be so special for you both.
    how nice to have a new quilter in the family! Since she is local, maybe you can get together for sew days, too. Have fun at that sale!


  3. Oooh I love all of your blocks. You have given me a few ideas for blocks. I really need to scroll FIS for my favorite fandoms and start incorporating them into my quilt.

    Oh I’m so glad you are went to Pineapple. It’s really a fun time with a ton of fabric. And with someone else is even more fun! I miss having that option.

    Happy Crafting


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