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TTMT #402 – jewells68 – May 19, 2021 – Don’t Call It a Comeback

In which I show more updates to the Hogwarts Stairs, i.e. Project Room, a new quilt in progress, and a brief RL update. Chocolate Box pattern by Jennifer Ofenstein. This just in, I really need a haircut. 😛

12 thoughts on “TTMT #402 – jewells68 – May 19, 2021 – Don’t Call It a Comeback

  1. I love your new cutting table. That is going to work out great. Plus storage underneath. Good luck on the job hunt. The Who quilt is gong to be great, looking forward to seeing how you quilt it.


  2. Ahhh, your room looks so BIG in the new configuration. I love, love how good it looks!

    I’m adoring the grey with the prints. It really does just look so very good!

    The cabinet update is just perfect. What an awesome find. Hogwarts Stairs look maybe the best ever!



  3. What amazing organization!! Must be a great feeling to have a place for all your supplies. Glad to hear you are doing better. I look forward to seeing the Chocolate Box quilt. Look like it might be wild seeing the colors in the block you showed us. Have a good week!


    1. Well one section of the room is organized, anyway, lol. The rest is still a bit of a hodgepodge, but I’ve been sewing again, and that is what matters.

      The fabrics are all over the place for the rock n roll quilt, although they do incorporate a lot of the same colors, but the solid grey is tying it all together really well.


  4. Oh what a lovely cabinet. I’m sure it’s beautifully built. It looks like a nice size. I have a huge table for cutting and honestly my arms aren’t long enough to use it. Lol

    I like the Chocolate Box /Rock N Roll top. It’s such a nice pattern.

    I’m glad you are feeling the SewJo. I have been thinking about you. But don’t want to be a pest. I’m glad you are finding some potential interest from other places and are hanging in there.

    Happy Crafting


    1. The cabinet is super solid. After filming I did have to move the small tabletop drawers off the table to the right of the cabinet. Now that it’s moved I have plenty of space for even my big strip dies. I went to use the AQ and discovered I hadn’t left myself quite enough horizontal space but now I’m good.
      I am cranking the Rock n Roll Chocolate Box quilt out! This pattern has so much precutting if you want to chain piece it quickly, but once that cutting is done you just zoom through the block assembly.

      I am doing much better now. It took a couple of weeks for me to recover from the emotional reaction to being let go this way, but now I’m scheduling time each weekday to do job search stuff and then the rest of my time is my own for sewing, laundry, morning walks, etc. Which is definitely improving the state of my mental health.

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      1. The nebula blocks are like that. The cutting takes while but they go together so fast. I need to take the leap on AQ. Maybe I’ll look during Quilt Fest.

        Oh I can’t even imagine the emotional reactions for you. It seemed so out of left field compare to times in the past when you thought maybe lay offs may happen. That’s a good way to handle it. Lots of balance to take care of the different things happening. Hugs, High Fives, or elbow bumps. Whatever floats your boat. 😉

        Happy Crafting


  5. Looks like our SewJo came back around the same time. I’ve been trying to organize a bit too. I need to get rid of some stuff to make room for the stuff I want to work on. Good luck with the job search. I hope something comes that is the right fit for you.


    1. I finally gave myself permission to donate some fabric I had been hanging on to for ages. It wasn’t really a great fit for a kids quilt, but would be fine for a teen or older, and I just needed to move it on so I didn’t have it sitting around any more. I still need to thin out my stash even more, but right now my focus is on finishing some things I started previously and whittling down my UFOs.


  6. Good to hear from you…with your sewjo!

    GREAT novelty fabric and bg. How exciting! I very, very seldom precut. So I usually bebop along happy as a lark not knowing if I’m short. Sometimes it causing trouble. But…I usually paper-piece and it’s just easier to have a chunk of each print on hand than to precut. But when I do precut (a few times in the last 5 years), it’s really nice to have stacks of fabric ready to go. I precut the Stringing Me Along and it came together so quickly.

    The cutting station is perfect! YAY! And space!!!! Sometimes some available time is all it takes to feel new again.

    My 2 brothers and I are going to a restaurant today to celebrate one of their birthdays. This will be the first time in over a year that 2 of us are eating inside a restaurant! We expect it to be very crowded (holiday weekend and restrictions just lifted a few days ago), but it’s the seafood he wants after ALL these months of cooking/eating at home and a little bit of curbside/drive-thru pickup. It’s exciting, but if it wasn’t for his birthday, we weren’t quite ready. We’ll see how it feels The other brother travels for his hobby, so this is not new to him. We just kept asking each other, “Are you ready to eat inside a restaurant?” Finally, the one who hasn’t been denied said, “We’re going to Middendorf’s!

    So great to see you enjoying your sewing room and starting a new project. I know you’re okay and will continue to be, but my personal hope for you–based on what you have told us–is that you will have a good chunk of time here to regroup and refocus (and quilt) before you get another job.



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