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TTMT #107

8 thoughts on “TTMT #107

  1. It is a sad state of things when the stylist does a worse job than your hubby’s pandemic trims!

    The chevron is so pretty. I love the colors!

    Good luck with PT. I know it gets old quickly and you’re probably ready to just get on with life. *hugs* to you lady!

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  2. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m doing well with the therapy, I’m mostly just tired of the sling and the aching. Not really much “pain” just being grumpy. It will be great in the end,
    Hugs right back at you!


  3. The Chevron baby blanket is cute. At least you have been able to continue to knit between PT appointments. Glad to hear you are healing well. It just takes time. The hair will grow and then you can try another style.

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  4. I’m so glad you are able to knit after your surgery. Even with the sling. I hope you can get rid of the sling soon. I had more pain with it than without it so I ditched it within a couple days of my shoulder decompression surgery. It’s possible it was just a bad fit. I hope the therapy comtinues to go well so you can resume more of your usual activities.

    I can totally relate to your haircut woes. It’s been maybe a year for me now, maybe a little longer. I’m wanting to take a trip to see my sister so I can get a good haircut, lol. I wish I knew someone local that would do a good job.


  5. Glad you are still able to knit. The chevron blanket is adorable.

    I hope your done with PT soon! It gets old fast.

    Sorry about the hair cut. Thankfully it grows back. You could just wear an Astros cap until you love it again. 😉

    Happy knitting


  6. Sorry to be late to this show. Love the baby blanket. So glad your getting hats done.

    Some of my busiest weeks leave me with the least to show. Healing takes time, but at least you’re getting better.


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