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Hi Y’all

No video this week. I have a stack of quilt tops to get done and am so tired from our trip to NC. We had a wonderful time being able to attend graduation. Felt like such a treat after the last year of canceled events. It was as emotional as one would expect to see our kiddo reach this milestone. Our 2 1/2 hr flight home turned into 8 plus hrs on the plane thanks to those famous Texas storms. So definitely a long day after a whirlwind weekend. Hope you all have a great week.
Happy Crafting

11 thoughts on “No Video

  1. Congratulations to your son on his graduation. Ugh for the delays, but glad you made it home safely.


  2. Yay on being able to go to the graduation! Patrick’s was in the living room last year, but in retrospect that was probably better for him.

    What is under the needle? Love the quilting! Is that custom or a set pattern?


    1. My brother skipped 2 of 3 graduations. He only went for his Masters ceremony because he owed my parents something and used that as the excuse to miss the PhD ceremony. Lol

      This week is all customer quilts. The one pictured is a horizontal Pearls and wave E2E. I actually hate doing this pattern. I love the look, but sometimes it stitches out beautiful… other times it’s breaking thread a couple times per row. I really need to use it on more charity quilts to figure out what works best.
      One more to finish today and 3 to bind. I don’t normally do binding but this person really doesn’t do binding. I am hoping next week to see some of my projects 😉


  3. I’m so glad you got to go see your son graduate! But wow, that is one seriously long plane flight with all the delays, ugh. That quilt in the photo is just stunning!


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