TTMT Video

TTMT #625 – Raggedy Mom!

Sorry about the incorrect title earlier. Oops!

In which I share my updated 25″ Raggedy Ann rescue!

8 thoughts on “TTMT #625 – Raggedy Mom!

  1. There’s a chance Caitlin might be staying at my sister in law’s while student teaching in the fall…if so, the kid’s hangout in the basement is going to disappear and magically my sewing room could double in size. With that in mind a lot of organizing could happen… oh the possibilities!
    Loving the Raggedy Anns! I’ve got 2 unfinished ones that I started when Caitlin was a baby. By the time I finish them she have kids! LOL! Not too soon I hope.


  2. What an interesting pattern. That’s a different approach. The clothes are precious. Great palate cleanser.

    I think I have a small think that could be a baby quilt. I’ll look for it.


  3. I love your Raggedy Rescues. Who knows, you might come across the perfect person that needs one one of these days and you’ll have them ready to gift!


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