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TTMT #46- May 11, 2021- More Stars!

Made more saw tooth stars with yellow 4-patch in the middle. They are for the Patriotic Quilt Along from Corner Curve Quilts that is going on from May 8- May 27, 2021.

I also talk about quilting LaVerne this week. The quilting is feathers with swirls and twirls between the feathers. Let’s go sew!

Close up of the feathers with swirls and twirls between.

8 thoughts on “TTMT #46- May 11, 2021- More Stars!

    1. Stars are my favorite blocks. The LeMoyne Star with Y-seams is my favorite. I’m working on a design with my way of making them.


  1. Oh my (your) stars! They all look great. I like other people’s stars, but seldom use them myself. However, I am making that giant wedding quilt with the Bethlehem Star in the middle, and taught myself to y-seam. So there might be more stars in my future. In that pattern, I am offering an optional “half-square-triangle” option for those who don’t know/like y-seams. With most fabrics it will look the same.

    Your fabric choices are always so cheerful. Love keeping up with your projects.

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    1. I like “Y” seams and have a no mark technique that I want to share in an upcoming quilt pattern.

      Thank you, I love stars.


      1. Huh. I never thought of marking them. I just figured it out, and when I lay it down right it lines up and I don’t mark or pin. There might be an easier way, but I’m not having any trouble with them.

        You definitely love stars. And they all look great.

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