TTMT Video

TTMT #624 – Space Swears!

The super-secret sewing project for my daughter’s boyfriend is revealed at last!

A great big THANK YOU to each person who donated to The Linus Connection for my birthday. Your generosity is so very appreciated.

  • Find my free patterns on Sewhooked:  Free PatternsFree Fandom PatternsFree Harry Potter Patterns.
  • The Linus Connection, the local blanket making charity I volunteer for.
  • Quilt along with us on Fandom in Stitches
  • 14 thoughts on “TTMT #624 – Space Swears!

    1. Absolutely love the quilt. I immediately knew the first and last, had to think about the middle. What’s crazy is I just finished up 3 Farscape patterns the other day (haven’t shared them yet). I’m sure he was thrilled.


    2. I loved seeing this come together from conception to finished quilt. It’s a fantastic idea and he was bound to love it, of course! Extra points for the hilarious label.


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