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TTMT #45- May 4, 2021- Containers for Cuts

Purchased a few different containers to store the fabric I cut. So far I like the smaller containers, but if I get a lot of squares and triangles cut then the bigger ones will be nice.

I also talk about the upcoming quilt along. It starts May 8, 2021 and goes for 4 weeks. Pinwheels in the Stars is the name of the quilt.

7 thoughts on “TTMT #45- May 4, 2021- Containers for Cuts

  1. The blocks look great as always. I like the four patch too.

    I most likely the boxes I have now, but I feel like I always looking for the perfect one. Which probably doesn’t exist since projects vary in size. Nice idea to mix up the sizes.

    Happy Crafting

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    1. I am still trying to figure out what I like for storage containers, but at least I have a few I can play with.


  2. You are just surrounded by stars! Really pretty ones.

    Each of my projects is in its own container. I do not admit that I have more than 100 projects going (that’s all I am capable of admitting, and at 100 on my list I stopped numbering them, so I don’t even know). Containers make the stackable–lest I drown in them. Yours are great. Most of mine are small (I use the smallest one each project will fit comfortably in). But then there are some really big ones (like the 2 HUGE Harry Potter quilts). I would go crazy without my containers. Glad you got a variety of them to see what works for you.

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  3. I have a few different container styles, depending what I am storing. Most of my UFOs are in document boxes that have a space where you can slip in a card saying what’s in the box. They’re too flimsy though so I wouldn’t buy them again. I also have some sealable plastic containers that have other UFOs and things in them. Nothing ever seems to work for “everything” so I guess I keep trying. I do like the idea of having something from a matching set where they’d all stack neatly and interlock, so to speak, so that you could have different sizes, but not have uneven stacks. (So like… if there were a 12×12 then also a 12×6 or 6×6 option. I’m certain that exists, but I’m also not going to go looking. I can keep using my sorta useful methods until they break or need replacing otherwise.)

    Anyway, the blocks behind you look great! I’m downloading the patterns in case I get some time to work on it in the future.

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