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TTMT 5/5/2021 – YOD Progress

9 thoughts on “TTMT 5/5/2021 – YOD Progress

  1. Love that Eye of Sauron block! So fun πŸ˜€ Oh and the Tardis with the Daleks in the book .You’re really doing great with these blocks!

    Sounds like you’ve all been through a really stressful time! I’m so glad to hear she’s pulling though! Poor Vanessa though!

    Nice to see you again, by the way πŸ˜€


  2. It’s so good to see and hear you! Y’all have been through so much lately and I hope that things get easier soon. I’m at least glad you’ve gotten to spend some special time with your Mister G.

    You shared all that enthusiasm about your favorite author but you didn’t tell us who she is! I would love to know.

    Lady, you made me tear up when I saw the block with my name on it! That is the sweetest homage and it means the world to me.

    Congratulations on your new toy! I know you’ve had so much trouble with your other machine and I’m really glad you have a new one to play with. Hopefully they can sort out the old one and you’ll be embroidering twice as fast!

    Hope to see you again soon. ❀️

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    1. My favorite author is Theresa Crater; she writes visionary fiction. She has a series called the Power Places series as well as several other books. (I can’t believe I forgot to mention her name.)

      And a quilt featuring my favorite things wouldn’t be complete without a block or two dedicated to you, Jen.

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  3. You have been busy. The blocks are all wonderful. I really like, well all of them.
    Glad you have a new power tool to play with. You will be creating even more amazing blocks and quilts.
    Prayers that Marianne continues to get better. Take care and stay safe.

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  4. Hey there!

    Oooh I love your background fabric. So pretty

    Oooh nice use of the fabrics on the boxes.

    Your blocks looks amazing.
    I need to get moving.

    The Star Trek quilt was not for the faint of heart. It was super intense.
    Awww I love the Miss J block!

    You have made a nice big dent on the blocks.

    I definitely intend to make my YoD for Bob and I as well.

    Enjoy your Gran baby!

    Oh so sorry about all the issues her mother is having. What a scary thing. So glad she is doing better. What a stressful time for everyone.
    Hang in there

    Happy Crafting

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  5. It’s so good to see you, AND see what you’ve been sewing! I love the tribute to Jennifer O, of course, and I think the way you are putting your quilt design together is a fabulous idea.

    I’m glad Vanessa and her mother have such a wonderful family supporting her recovery. You all make a great team and it’s also great that Garrick gets to see such wonderful, caring role models.

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  6. So great to see your smiling face! Glad you are making it through all the complications in your life. You still got to make a lot of blocks which I’m sure was fun for you, They look great, Take care and I’m sending good thoughts your way.

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