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TTMT#4521-May the 4th Be With You!

4 thoughts on “TTMT#4521-May the 4th Be With You!

  1. What an adventure! We all have those days with our machines. I certainly have. I’m glad you feel like you’ve learned a lesson and can move forward a wiser woman! Happy quilting!


  2. Nothing like making mistakes to remind you what you need to know! Sounds frustrating, but I’m glad you figured it out!

    Hopefully you can get to your own projects soon!


  3. Lol omg I only watched it right away because my dealer really insisted.

    I had a thread cluster later the same day. I really need to remember switching thread requires switching things up. I had to slow my speed, change my needle, and hold my breath. I rarely have issues but it’s probably because I am on my long arm most days and I rarely switch threads.

    I think reading up on Glide. You need a thread net and to make sure your bobbin is adjusted.

    I’m sure your learning tons. It’s always frustrating when you have a day like that.

    Happy Crafting


  4. I have not taken the seal off my dvd either, but I think I will before I start quilting my next one!

    I have learned that due to where I live and how erratic I am am at having the time to quilt, I need to clean the tracks, and check EVERYTHING before beginning a quilting day. Period. Otherwise it just means heartache and frustration. If I clean in advance and check everything at the beginning of a quilt, I’m much less likely to have trouble. And when everything goes well it feels SO WONDERFUL! This is why I needed to make the frame accessible from both sides more easily, so I can just make that dusting/cleaning my regular practice.

    I’m so glad it ended on a positive with you finishing those quilts.


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