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TTMT #128 – Bethlehem Star, Eight Track, Mugrug, and BWQS Step 2

The part that got deleted when my camera decided to stop recording is where I said that I got the fabric for th Bay Window Quilt Shop mystery from our Michelle.

11 thoughts on “TTMT #128 – Bethlehem Star, Eight Track, Mugrug, and BWQS Step 2

  1. Glad you like the fabrics. You keep the sewing machine humming. Always so many fun projects to see. Thanks for sharing.


    1. I had forgotten how much I like making mugrugs–haven’t make one in years. They are really fun. Designing it was easy, because I used blocks already in EQ8. The sewing is fun because it is a tiny little quilt.

      The black/white is coming along. One more border and it’ll be ready to quilt. I’m really enjoying it, which is surprising because it’s just so repetitive.


  2. When you started enrolling that black and white border I had a flashback to watching Beetlejuice! I adore the black and white!

    The fabric for your friends mug rug are just fabulous. I think that’s going to look amazing. The fabric name you were looking for is Thimbleberries! I used to have a friend who was very into it!

    The small Bethlehem star is amazing. I can’t wait to see the big one!


    1. Last week, Jeanie said she had guessed Beetlejuice. Wouldn’t it be fun to make one of those (lest structured and more waviness. My whole dining room is going to be black/white.

      Yes…Thimbleberries. I am having more and more trouble with my memory since having the ‘Rona. I used to have just age-related trouble but could eventually remember. Now…it’s just not there. And I couldn’t think of another way to describe her style, so I was stuck. Usually I can fake it an come up with another visual, but I couldn’t here. It’s a struggle.

      I got my wedding quilt fabric last night for the large Bethlehem star and started piecing it this morning. I still haven’t designed it past the first border that I tested on the small one, so I’m making the big one before the little one is finished being tested. The big one only has three fabrics (unless the next border changes to a design that requires a fourth). Hopefully you’ll get to see at least the center of the big one on Tuesday.


  3. Fun design for the mug rug.

    The B &W is really going to be amazing.

    Oh I’m sure that my Mother in law shopped at that shop. She lived in Ottertail. Perham is a town I can remember hearing her mention. We may have even been there a number of years ago. I just don’t remember.

    I hope you like the mystery in the end. Sometimes it’s hard to see it.

    Bethlehem Star looks great .
    I don’t love a Y seam.
    I try to minimize how often I see them.

    Happy Crafting


    1. Both my farm and my house are in Otter Tail County, so that’s definitely my stopping ground without a long drive. Great people up there. Like I said, it’s my favorite shop.

      I’m not really invested in this mystery, and I do better when it’s like that. I signed up because I wanted the newsletter and the “free” fat quarter each month. Their customers are mostly older, and their designer keeps the quilts simple. Seriously, I bought 4 pieces of fabric and have made one block and something that seems to be part of a block or a border. Since January. So it’s not really on my radar. I have it labeled and put where I can see it so I can find it each month, and when the package comes I start and finish the step the next day. I will probably end up loving it because I don’t care about it.

      I just never did Y-seams (except when testing a paper-pieced pattern when I fix the pattern but go ahead and sew the Y-seam on the test). I did change the same “look” on the border to triangles, meaning more seams but all of them straight. I’m almost finished the center with the Y-seams on the big wedding one, and so I’ll probably be finished with them totally by tomorrow. I really like how it looks. Near the end of the year, if I can accomplish my goal, I will put the pattern up for sale, and have several options. One option will be no-y-seam-but-more-straightline-triangles. One will be a different star block in the center that doesn’t have y-seams. And there will be a paper-pieced and a traditionally pieced option. I’m thinking of a quiltalong in the fall if I still love it when I get the rest of it designed and stitched.

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  4. I’ve “learned” how to do Y seams, so when I took some hexis someone donated to Linus I pieced them together by machine in a way that just made sense to me. It may have a real name like partial seams or something but I don’t really know, all I know is it worked and I was cool with that, lol.

    I dig the fabric in that Belthlehem Star. Very pretty. And your stripey border is still super cute!


    1. Yeah, I’m probably not doing the y-seams “right” but they are working for me. I like how they look. I can see it being very useful for stars and hexies.

      I’m loving the Bethlehem Star…once you get past the y-seam situation. I had not idea what I would do with that fabric, but I just liked it. And I looked at it year after year and finally it fit the project.


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