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TTMT #44 – April 27, 2021 -More Blocks

Finished sewing the LaVerne (Cy Star alternate design) top. Then I show 6 more blocks for a lap quilt. Moving on to the patriotic quilt along, by showing some blocks for it. Talk about planting fruit trees and blueberry bushes.

Michelle with one of the blueberry bushes planted on Earth day. It was chilly and wind was blowing.
Some of the blocks for Pinwheels in the Stars. My next quilt along starting May 8, 2021 hosted by Corner Curve Quilts.

13 thoughts on “TTMT #44 – April 27, 2021 -More Blocks

  1. LaVerne looks great! I’m not unhappy I did the quarter circles version, but I’m not sure which I like better!

    The blocks for your next quiltalong are looking really great.. I need to work on some other projects for a while or I’d be sewing along with you again haha.. that one looks like one I could probably even keep up with. Maybe. (I’m an excellent procrastinator.)

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    1. You can save the directions and make it later. I really like your fabrics for Cy Star. I’m glad you are doing the quarter circles.


      1. The top is done now, I’m kind of debating whether to quilt it myself or to send it out to get it done. I can’t decide how best to quilt it, though. There’s a lot of different areas that you could highlight!

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        1. I agree, do you want to pull out the secondary pattern or do something with the stars. I have until tomorrow to decide how I am going to quilt one of them.


  2. I love all the different layouts you are getting from these quilt blocks for your Cy Star quilt. It’s so fun how we can do that with blocks and come out with something so different.

    The sawtooth stars are looking good too, they seem like they could even coordinate with the Cy Star fabrics… you could even do a double sided quilt.

    I hope your fruit trees and shrubs flourish!

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    1. Thank you. I have used a lot of my red and yellow fabrics. But 3 of my patterns have red, white and yellow in them.


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