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TTMT #622 – Itty Bitty-O Video

Just a short one today to share the new pattern I had come out on Fandom in Stitches last week and an update on my outdoor space.


9 thoughts on “TTMT #622 – Itty Bitty-O Video

  1. Happy Birthday! I like the block with the bigger picture frame, so many possibilities with it. Backyard is looking greener. I love your irises. Great photo of the ladybug, that made me smile.


  2. That is a cute block. I love the original version I put in Miss P’s PoD, I can see all kinds of different uses for this bigger version, too.

    Your yard is looking so nice and green! So much better. I’m so glad that much of the jasmine survived. I think I need to research a desert ground cover for my back yard. Then maybe the ants would have less dirt to live in, lol.

    Happy early birthday!!!!

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    The YOD block is excellent. So versatile.

    It’s nice to see your hard start to come back. A good cleaning out every now and then can be a good thing.


  4. I have a great idea for the picture frame! Will see if I can work it out before I share. I’ve been having some fun with these blocks the last couple of weeks. Will post a video Tuesday (if not sooner). HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like your yard is giving you a great birthday present – even though you’ve had to work hard for it.


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