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TTMT #127 – BB+ block 1-3, Pooh block for YOD, and progress on mystery wallhanging

16 thoughts on “TTMT #127 – BB+ block 1-3, Pooh block for YOD, and progress on mystery wallhanging

    1. Thanks so much. I’m loving it, too. My “working title” for it is Eight Track…I see an 8 in it, and I see tracks. But I don’t know what I will ultimately call it.


  1. The quilt is fantastic!!! I really like the blocks you have chosen to work on in EQ8 and the colors are perfect. The Winnie block is so cute. When I seen the borer block last week, the only thing I could think of was Beetlejuice….surprise 🙂


    1. Thanks. It DOES look like Beetlejuice! Great guess. I got the second border on it (1″ white) and am piecing the third border…not going to be shocking, but a lot of work. I am always so hesitant to label myself a “modern quilter” but then when I make things for myself they look so modern.

      My mind truly is controlling yet fragile…the slightest thing sends me on these great adventures. The black/white one was a FB post where somebody said she wished a photo she had (the center of my quilt) could be made into a quilt, but it was “impossible”. Everyone agreed. Challenge accepted. Then yesterday, I came across a quote that I scribbled down on a slip of trash paper. It never got into my “quotes” part of my journal that’s supposed to control these things. The quote made me think of my friend in Colorado who I miss having tea with. So then I had to design a mugrug for her with the quote on it (I’m piecing it and loving it). Now I need to design a different one for her husband, since they are now both retired and will need two for a snack. It just never ends!!!

      And then my BFF in Minnesota’s daughter is getting married in June. Of course I have to make a wedding quilt. I’ve never made one before. So I finally ordered fabric and started the design…only to discover that the center that I am totally committed to…you’ll hear all about this on Tuesday…ALL Y-seams. I know you like your stars, so this doesn’t scare you, but I can’t even remember a time when I’ve made a Y-seam! So then I had to start a baby-quilt this morning with a smaller center star so I can practice my Y-seams. The baby quilt one is only 18″–the wedding quilt one is 36 inches. So then there’s that.

      In summary…finally…I just can’t stop sewing out of fear that I will lose the self-imposed, no-deadline, not-a-priority to-do list! But that’s what my brain does to me sometimes. At least I’m running in all directions doing something I love.


  2. Oh Wow! Love the Black & White. When you held it up it looked like the Twist was a rounded corner.


  3. That black and white quilt is going to be amazing. Looking forward to seeing in hang in your dinning room.
    I have not been able to download block base + yet. I am pretty sure I know what I need to do, just haven’t done it yet. But I have been saving the tutorials. Looking forward to messing with that also. Your blocks that you are making are great. I like your background fabric.
    The Winnie the Pooh block is adorable. Great colors.


    1. If you download BB+ (and do nothing else–just let it save to where it wants to save), then when you open EQ8 all of the blocks will be there like magic. Then, join in on the free quilt-along (it’s every 2 weeks and we’re in the middle of week 3 so just 3 blocks to catch up). That’s basically all you need to know.

      I’m really like my Winnie the Pooh and my black/white ones right now. I’m really in my happy place.

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  4. Thanks for the info in Block Base. I haven’t made up my mind about it. I like hearing some feed back about it. It is expensive and I want to make sure I’ll use it.

    Oooh the Black and white quilt is very cool. A really unique top.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I didn’t decide for a while. I thought I didn’t want/need it so I waited. I definitely didn’t “need” it, and we are perfectly capable of designing all of the blocks in it. There was a special price and I just went for it. Once this tutorial is finished introducing us to all of its features, we’ll see if it was worth it. You can watch the videos (they’re short) and see what we’ve learned about it so far. What I’m waiting to see is when we finish our blocks and are ready to make a quilt if we are then going to jump into EQ8 or stay in BB+.

      The black/white is fun.

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  5. I love that I can always count of one or more of you ladies to try something out first, lol. I will probably wait on the block base, but I can see where it might be useful.

    I LOVE the block with the space to put whatever you want sitting on a book, that’s a great idea.

    Oooh the black and white is really striking!


    1. Thanks so much. I’m probably going to submit the block-on-a-block to F-I-S…it really feels like it’s too simple to share. But it’s VERY convenient when you need something on a book.

      I’m really surprised that I got BB+. I’m enjoying it, but definitely not something I needed.

      The black/white makes me happy. I worried about missing it when I finish, but it’ll be hanging on my wall so I’m good.


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