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Ttmt#98 Christmas in April 🎄

8 thoughts on “Ttmt#98 Christmas in April 🎄

  1. Yay Rankin-Bass blocks! I know I’ve said this before, but your R-B blocks are just so dang cute that they really make me happy. Looking forward to seeing it come together.

    Glad to hear you’re fully vaccinated and didn’t suffer too much. I just got my second shot yesterday, so far no major side effects, but we will see…

    Have a good week!


    1. Oh yay! I think if you are still feeling good after yesterday, it’s smooth sailing. Both Hubs and I started to feel unwell within 12 hrs of getting our shots.

      I was so excited for the RB Quilt a Long, but life got a tad crazy. So
      I’m excited to see the end in sight.


  2. Hey, girl, nice shirt! It’s a good thing you didn’t get a large because it would have SWALLOWED you. It’s a little big on me and I usually wear a ladies L. I am so glad you’re fully vaccinated. I had no questions about whether or not you were caffeinated. 😉

    I am loving your snowflakes. They look great. The built-in border in the train block is so freaking clever. I love that. Go, go, go, you’re almost there!


    1. Lol Large would have been way to big. Small might have worked but I didn’t want to risk it. Definitely caffeinated lol

      I love the pattern Jeanie made. It’s just so pretty. I’m working on that border and pondering backing 👏🏻

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  3. Oh I love your blocks. I am living vicariously through your Rankin Bass finish since I never got further than printing a couple patterns, lol. You are so close to finishing that sucker!

    Your nebula practice blocks look fantastic. I really can’t wait to see both versions of the quilt come together .


  4. While watching your video, Sleigh Ride started playing on my shuffled music that is playing. Of course when you have a lot of Christmas music loaded, it is going to come up often. Sew, good job on finishing the inside blocks for your Rudolph quilt. Have to have the train with square wheels on it’s caboose. I need to decide what sashing fabric I want to use, before making that block.
    Nebula blocks are looking good, even if they are the practice ones.
    Yeah for being vaccinated and caffeinated. Happy sewing.


  5. One of our local shops is doing the Nebula thing right now, so I see it everywhere. Such a fun project.

    Your R&B blocks look great. I still have a Christmas thing on my design wall, and I lost a block (things tend to turn up after a few days, but it’s been a while). I need to get that finished. My R&B is nestled away in its little box waiting its turn to come up again. Your blocks look great.

    Love what you did on the sashing for the train. I’ve got an idea for my YOD that I want something/someone sitting on the shelf draping onto the shelf itself. I thought I was going to have Winnie the Pooh doing it, but came up with something else for him. I already have a frog in it. So I’m still thinking. A lot of my non-quilting artwork/photography/scrapbooking comes out of the frame, and I always like that. The border looks great…great fabrics for that.

    Glad you’re all shot up. I’ll be there soon.


  6. Your nebula looks great. I always struggle with diamond shapes unless they are EPP or FPP.
    Your on the home stretch now with the R&B quilt. Yay!! So glad you liked the pattern. It’s always encouraging when you get feedback. Happy you are feeling better.


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