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TTMT #400 – jewells68 – April 20, 2021 – Now with More Geese

In which I show you progress on 3 more strips of flying geese and some fabric purchased to finish the very quilt for which I am making the geese. 🙂

My workplace began transitioning the employees that have been working from home back to the office yesterday. I am scheduled to return on May 3. Understandably, I have mixed feelings about this, but am working on preparing myself both physically and mentally for the transition.

20 thoughts on “TTMT #400 – jewells68 – April 20, 2021 – Now with More Geese

  1. I like the fabric you purchased for borders and the backing. The geese will get done one stitch at a time.
    Good luck transitioning back to the office.


    1. I really had no business buying ANY more fabric, but I really love this line by Moda, and the quilt is a gift so I talked myself into it, lol.

      Thanks. It’s going to be really, really weird being back.

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  2. You’ve been very productive this week! Those fabrics are fabulous! I love the Moda grunge but haven’t seen the stars yet (get it?). Judge wonderful, and perfect for your project.
    I understand the mixed feelings, and really, the thought of going back if nothing has changed would scare me. I hope it works out for you.


    1. I don’t feel all that productive, but at least I did make a little progress. They have the “Seeing Stars” in grunge in regular tone on tone and also the metallic stars. They are super cute! I’m all about the metallics, as you can tell, lol.

      I think I will feel a little more comfortable once I’m fully vaccinated, and I don’t get my second shot until 5/5. I think our entire state is going to be reopened 100% on June 1, but that’s just a rumor for now.


      1. I’ll be looking for the grunge. I usually prefer metallic, but some things require more civility.

        I’m not ready for anybody anywhere to be open 100%. Too many people are still vulnerable and this thing is just getting stronger. But I’ll roll with it…I always do.


  3. Those border and background fabrics are perfect.

    Good luck with the back to office process. I am very lucky in that I had already worked at home for a few years before the pandemic, so didn’t have any of the stress of changing to working at home suddenly or having to consider going back. But I worry/feel so much empathy for everyone who is going through that. Take care of you the best you can!


    1. Thanks! I love those Moda grunge metallics so much. They are my new faves.

      I’m sure I will feel better once I’m fully vaccinated, which won’t happen for another few weeks. Until then I am glad that I am fortunate enough to have my own office with a door so I can control who comes in and when. (OR NOT!) lol


  4. Woo, I didn’t realize you bought the tape! I need to send you an updated picture because I added mooooore.

    That fabric is just so beautiful. Moda, take all our money!

    I find that having everything on hand to finish a quilt gives me the kick in the pants to go, go, go. I hope you enjoy working on it because it’s going to be AWESOME.


    1. I totally forgot to mention the tapoe. I also bought double sided mounting tape to make my frame table inserts less noisy and vibrate less when I’m quilting with my Moxie.

      I love those Moda grunge metallics so much. It is definitely my current FAVE. Take all our money INDEED.

      That was my plan. I’m definitely liking doing all three strips at once, it just feels like I’m going faster. ANd I love how the geese look

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  5. The fabric is sooooo yummy!
    That is a whole lotta geese. It’s really going to be a sharp looking quilt when you finish.

    I hope you are able to enjoy the rest of your time at home.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I don’t know about enjoy, lol. But it’s better than being in my office 8 hours a day. I’m going to miss multitasking while I work, like cooking or doing laundry while pulling reports. Oh well.

      I am loving how the geese are working. But of course I am completely derailed now because project room is Hogwarts Stairs again.


    1. I’m hoping having all the supplies ready at hand will prod me to finish sooner rather than later. The thread I ordered to quilt it should arrive tomorrow.


  6. LOVE LOVE the fabrics!! Looks like you’ve gotten a lot done.
    I can understand being a bit hesitant about going back to work. But I have found ( with social distancing ) I do better with a work environment. The first day was like PEOPLE!! I do also feel like my work has taken the pandemic seriously and that has helped.


    1. I haven’t gotten any more done, but I hope to this next week. My main issue with work is that in person everyone lines up at my office door with all their stuff they need help with. It’s been much easier to manage my stress levels and others’ expectations working remotely. Also I work with a few folks who have been in denial about the whole thing and aren’t getting vaccinated or wearing masks except when they are forced to, and I don’t want them anywhere near me. one of which lost her MiL to Covid but is still behaving irresponsibly. So yeah.


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