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TTMT #126 – Tigers update, Pooh borders, and mystery block

11 thoughts on “TTMT #126 – Tigers update, Pooh borders, and mystery block

  1. Lol oops! I seriously try to keep fabric for a particular projects separate from my regular stash. Otherwise it will get pulled into another quilt.

    It’s hard to get dense patterns to not pucker. I layer a lot of cheap tear away. I just float it under the frame.

    I love the Pooh panel. So sweet.

    Happy Sewing


    1. It was separate. In its own box. But I could see it. I need to HIDE it! I always buy more than I need, but this time I designed the quilt to match the fabric I had, so there was no extra. I’m learning how to contain things from me.

      I am trying the embroidery with another stabilizer, and I usually float one underneath. I may try layering the floating tear-aways. Thanks.

      I love the Pooh panel one, too. Plus I’m having fun with it, so that’s a plus. Just sewing along.


        1. Yeah, I took a lot less than the extra I usually buy. I get more because: paper piecing. So it’s probably not an ongoing problem.

          Thanks for the embroidery tip.


  2. Hopefully, you are able to get more fabric for the tiger border. I like the way that is looking. The Pooh panel is adorable and the balloons will be a great addition. So Pooh like to have balloons.
    The black and white strip is sharp looking, what is the center going to be like? Guess we will just have to wait. The embroidery is neat, puckers and all. On the video she didn’t look spooky.
    Have fun designing and sewing.


    1. I’m hesitating on the Pooh panel because I’m not sure about the blue balloons. But I’ll decide today and get back to it. I love anything Pooh.

      The black/white center will be ready by Tuesday so I’ll show it off in my next TTMT video…then there is another border on the outside of the one I’m so darned proud of. Of course, I’m sure you have designed a similar perfect block in your history.

      Maybe the mouse is just scary up close. I’m going to get her tamed today or tomorrow. Thanks for the input.

      Oh…I’m having lots of fun.


    1. I’m really happy with the Pooh panel. I’ve had it a long time. I finally came across something I wanted to do with it, and I’m happy with it.

      I think the embroidery may just be bad to me because of the puckering. I’m going to stop the puckering and then the colors won’t be as important to me.

      Thanks for your support.


  3. That Winnie the Pooh panel is so sweet. The border makes a really neat addition.. very pretty combo. I wonder if a darker blue might work for the balloons? I think that fabric might be a little lost against that background? It’s always hard to say when you can’t see something in person… it does make a huge difference!

    I think that mouse would be very cute with lighter eyes.. or maybe it just needs a bigger white spot in the eyes? (Does it have them? It’s hard to tell on screen). Anyway, I know you’ll figure it out.. you’re very tenacious with getting these things working right!


    1. I haven’t appliqued the balloons yet. I’ve auditioned several other fabrics–a darker blue and a few greens. I have one I’m leaning toward, but no decision has been made yet. And I agree about seeing it in person, so I’m not going to get anything online for this one. I have so many to choose from here, though. And it won’t take much.

      The mouse is better. By next week I’ll have here like I want her. I just feel like she’s trying to serve me cheese from D-Con.

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