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TTMT#399 – jewells68 – April 13, 2021 – Making the Cut(s)

So I just barely remembered today was Tuesday and recorded a quick video. Please excuse the messy hair… messier than usual hair, anyway, lol. But I just let it air dry and it was SUPER windy today and my hair was still wet when I went out this morning to bring the garbage and recycle bins back up to the house. Long story short (I know… too late!) it made my hair even more “mad scientist” than usual. In this brief video I wish my nephew a happy birthday, talk about an outdoor Project Linus meeting we had this past weekend, and show off a strip of flying geese. Stay crafty, my friends!

9 thoughts on “TTMT#399 – jewells68 – April 13, 2021 – Making the Cut(s)

  1. The geese will have to start flying threw the machine. At least one row is done. What fun to get together with quilting friends outside.

    8 inch and 5 inch squares will make some great quilts. I am sure it is fun to see what people do with kits.


    1. I need to space out my time working on the geese because it’s kind of exhausting wrestling that long strip, I’ve taken to rolling it up and clipping it with wonderclips so it doesn’t get torn. It helps a lot!

      I needed to cut my borders for the panel quilt with the geese anyway, so I figured I might as well get these donated fabrics cut and sorted now while I had the Go! out on my table.

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  2. The flying geese are wonderful. Chain piecing always works better for me. Otherwise, I would have one long one finished and go on to something else. Can’t wait to see them finished.

    Great squares. I would have to organize them in some method that may only make sense to me. Your method would probably be my first choice.

    Great to see you as always. You know we are all just very concerned about that hair, right?


    1. Since I totally forgot it was Tuesday, I basically didn’t even think about what I was wearing or combing my hair, lol. Then I saw myself while editing and went, oh yeah, I probably should have at least combed my hair! Oh well, lol.

      I have commenced chainpiecing of the geese. My goal is to finish them this week. I also want to go to Dollar Tree and get some cheap things to decorate with the cricut so I can practice. So many toys, so little time!


      1. I completely understand. I am embroidering, crocheting, piecing, and quilting with Accuquilt…all while neglecting many of my other tools.


  3. Yay for all of those precuts. Every time I’m cutting endless amounts of strips or other things, I have cutter envy.

    I love the fabrics in your Flying Geese. I know it’s a bit tedious but it’s going to look so good.


    1. I could cut all day on that machine, lol. I find it very zen and relaxing. Sometimes when I am stressed out I just grab some scraps and cut.

      I love those grunge metallic fabrics. They are so awesome.


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