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TTMT #620 – Favors & Fun Stuff

I switched angles on you yet again in my search for better lighting. You’ll eventually know what my entire garage looks like. 😉


7 thoughts on “TTMT #620 – Favors & Fun Stuff

  1. Ya I added sweet basil and purple basil today on the patio. I’m going to cook with some of my rosemary on Thursday. Totally understand grow what you can cook.

    Your HP blocks are looking amazing. Great idea with the YouTube! Can’t wait to see the quilts at the end. Everyone’s are going to be so different!

    Can’t wait to see your daughters bf quilt. I’m sure it’s going to be amazing!


  2. I love your ideas for the coordinating quilts. It’s going to look perfect.

    You are just cranking through those quilt tops! Wow! Also you did not mention your shirt, but did you make that?


  3. Cute pillow. The cameo from Ann and Andy is very welcome.

    I am planning to reschedule for the J&J as soon as it is available again. What timing–finally got a firm appointment the very day they paused it.

    I am LOVING the TTMT block idea, and may just have to steal it.

    When I moved “home”, my mom gave me a ton of terra cotta pots. I started a whole new herb garden, since mine is still in Minnesota. I love cooking with herbs as fresh as Martha Stewart’s. Watch that Rosemary, though–if not contained, it will cover your house.


  4. The Linus quilts look sweet.. huge donation! Those simple tops feel a bit like someone just trying to use up fabric, haha.

    The new PoD block looks great. I really like the idea for the TTMT block.

    The herb garden sounds really nice… it’s a great idea to make the plants useable. I mean, all plants are wonderful, but useable ones are excellent for more than just beauty reasons.

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