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TTMT #125 – Poirot, Sherlock, Spring Fever, and Tigers

10 thoughts on “TTMT #125 – Poirot, Sherlock, Spring Fever, and Tigers

  1. I am so sorry to hear that you were affected by the Johnson & Johnson recall! I can’t imagine how disappointing it was to wake up and find that out.

    Your tiny piecing looks fantastic! I’m also really loving your tiger panel. What a great project!


  2. Thanks. I think we’ll be on track in a few days, but it clearly disappointing. And I got no ice cream.

    The tiny pieces were fine once I committed to them and got to it. And worth it. I’m am LOVING the tiger panel. I have another one that will be really different, but I’ll be a little surprised if I like it as much as this one. I’m putting the final borders on now. You’ll see it on Tuesday.


  3. What a bummer on the vaccine. I don’t know anyone here locally that has gotten that one, they have all been moderna or pfizer. I hope they get you rescheduled for one or the other soon! Also of course you need ice cream after. That’s a great idea. I might have to do that after my second dose of moderna in early may.

    Wow that tiger panel is HUGE! That’s a fantastic quilt.


    1. Vaccines should always be rewarded with ice cream. That’s just obvious. Let us know what flavor you get in May.

      I’m LOVING this tiger panel. And I have another one that will be so different. Now I’m working on a Winnie the Pooh that I am having fun doing. Studying borders this month has really made my panels more interesting.


  4. I’m sorry your vaccine appointment was canceled. I hope it’s rescheduled very soon. I understand the precautions but honestly people with Covid have a higher rate of blood clots.

    Wonderful YoD blocks you’ve done. I really love the pipe.

    The Tiger panel is gorgeous.

    Happy Sewing


    1. I understand the hesitation waiting for more data on the vaccine. It’ll be okay.

      Thanks for the compliments. I like my YoD a lot! The tiger panel is now finished. And the embroidery is going much better–thank you! I was using a cutaway and floating a tearaway. I threw another tearaway under there and it made all the difference. I also changed up my thread colors, so I like the mousy now.

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  5. Ugh, stinks to be delayed on your vaccine, but quilting is a great backup!

    Poirot and Sherlock blocks look great. The pipe looks fine without whatever details are missing.

    I feel like that mama tiger is kind of rolling her eyes at her cubs. 🙂 That tiger quilt seems like it was getting so big that I was sure you were going to say even bigger than twin. Can’t wait to see the final effect with all borders as you described.


    1. I thought the pipe would be fine. Remember when we just didn’t have all the detail that we do now in paper-piecing? I’m still fine with that. I’ll do detail when it matters, though.

      The expressions on those tigers just kill me. The cubs are like the typical different kids in the family. It is finished now. It’s 89″x74.5″, so if you turn it sideways it’s still a twin. It’s big, though. It will probably end up hanging on a big wall or as a big throw for movie night. Who knows? I’ll show the whole think on Tuesday.

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  6. That’s sucky about the vaccine.. I’m still catching up on videos, so maybe you’ve gotten a shot since? I hope so!

    The little spring wall-hanging is very sweet. It’s interesting how different the style is just by switching from the greys to all the colours.


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