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TTMT #398 – jewells68 – April 6, 2021 – Best Made Plans

slowly making progress

In which I show you 2 finished quilts which will be donated this weekend to Project Linus. We are having a parking lot meeting to show off 1 quilt each and get supplies like batting and fabric. We are hoping to be able to meet inside next month, if not then maybe June. Meanwhile I have made zero progress on the panel quilt I started a couple weeks ago other than now all the supplies I need to finish the top are now obtained. So here’s to making more progress in the coming week!

9 thoughts on “TTMT #398 – jewells68 – April 6, 2021 – Best Made Plans

    1. I am very pleased with the butterfly quilt, since it was my very first attempt with rulers and also while having all those regulator problems, it turned out so well anyway. And the matchstick quilting is so very scrunchy I want to do another one like that, but need to find the right quilt to do it on, I feel like it only works on certain designs, with a lot of negative space.

      Miss P is doing so much better, even considering all the hours she is working this week. And we are both so glad to be getting our first vaccine doses tomorrow!

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  1. Glad your daughter is doing better.

    Yeah for getting another vaccine appointment.

    The Linus quilts are really nice. I love the quilting with the butterfly quilt.


    1. She is doing much better, we are very glad it turned out to be something easily treatable. And we are thrilled to have gotten another vaccine appt so quickly, things are really picking up speed in our state with accessibility now, it makes me very hopeful.

      I am happy to have 2 more Project Linus quilts done and ready to turn in this weekend, and hope to have many more to turn in over the next couple of months. I hope to crank through all my finished tops by summer so I can start piecing them again.

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  2. I’m glad she is doing better. I know it was an ordeal.

    Yay!!!! Vaccine appointments!!!
    Lots of water and non dominant arm is my recommendation.

    I love seeing all of your quilting since you’ve gotten your Moxie.

    Happy Crafting


    1. I was like next time I suggest urgent care earlier in the day LISTEN TO ME, lol.

      So excited to be getting dose 1 tomorrow. Baby steps to getting to meet with my quilty friends again!

      There will be much more quilting to come. I haven’t had time to try out the suggestions the dealer gave me to fix my problem. That was supposed to happen last week and I was too freaking exhausted still over the weekend. lso my brain has started working out a better layout in the project room, but it’s going to take some time and furniture updating to get there. I think I’m just going to build what I want.


  3. Poor Phebe.. glad to hear she’s doing better though! (And poor you being stuck in the parking garage.. it’s a weird world right now.)

    The quilts look great! I love that butterfly one… it’s so fun from the back where you can see the quilting around the butterflies too.


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