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TTMT #124 – 3 of 4 quilt tops this week.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #124 – 3 of 4 quilt tops this week.

  1. I like how you fixed the corners on the Project Linus quilt. It’s a nice looking quilt.
    How about something like Embellish from Urban Threadz or for a little denser Kaleidoscope Swirls from Wasatch quilting. Honestly I think it will look great with a lot of different choices. It’s beautiful fabric.

    Your brain is just bristling with ideas. I like the color pop in monochrome for the spring quilt. It’s very pretty.

    I’m so sorry about your friends son. It’s so heartbreaking.

    EQ8 is so worth the money. Very pretty fabrics you picked out. I’m sure your friend will appreciate it.

    Take care of yourself!


    1. I like my corners. Those are great suggestions for Stringing Me Along.
      Thanks for all the encouragement and thoughts.


  2. Your spring quilt is fun, live the touch of color.

    I like mitered corners also. I would be sick also, if I cut the wrong way. But your fix was fabulous. I’ll have to remember that if I am in the situation.

    Sorry to hear about your friends son. The quilt you are making them is beautiful. EQ8 is great. I need to do more of the lessons.
    Glad you are making progress on several quilts.


    1. Thanks. I’m just finishing up on the 4th top for the week (it’s the same elements of Spring with…except each element is half as big).

      I’M GETTING SHOT ON TUESDAY!!! And I’m taking the world’s best brother down with me! So excited.

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  3. You have been productive! I love your fabrics and colors on the stringing along quilt. I have not even printed the patterns. I just have too many things on the go for my brain to handle right now.

    I love that Spring with a pop of color, what a cute design!

    I am so sorry about your friend’s son. I totally gt the idea that “it’s just what you do”. That’sjust how we quilter’s deal with things like that. And I also agree on EQ8. Even though I’m only my 3rd quilt design with it since I bought it last spring, I have zero regrets, it’s been so helpful.


    1. I feel like I didn’t even do the Stringing Me Along quilt. It was “between” project, and I looked up and it was done. The 24 squares are all the same, so I didn’t even think about it. This is the first one I have EVER cut out first, and that was the only part that really took some time, but even that was really easy.

      I’m happy with my Spring with a Touch of Color. I got that idea from the ice and wind wiping out all the azaleas in my yard and neighborhood, and it cam together nicely.

      My friend (mother of the deceased) is a quilter, but makes a quilt every couple of years or so, so I know they will appreciate it. I hope to get it quilted and in the mail this weekend.

      I’ll let you know when we have another EQ8 quilt-along. It is seriously a few minutes a week, and you will learn so much. You don’t have to actually make the quilt, so it’s more of a design-along.


  4. The Linus stringing along quilt top looks really great.. very pretty. The blue makes a nice contrast. Call the corners intentional and its just a fun change 😀

    Those bees are adorable. It is a cute project.

    You’re really keeping yourself busy with sewing lately. So many things!


    1. I thought the blue would calm it down a little. Then I looked for a backing, hoping to bring it down a little more, and settled on a WILD Tule Pink…so there’s that. I’m happy with the borders, even with their sordid origin story.

      I am keeping myself busy with sewing. I saw a friend last week and she said she hasn’t seen me this happy in years. So it’s working.

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