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Kinetic Wind Spinner

My husband got me these amazing wind spinners! They are my new favorite thing.

The doctor has put me on some new meds, so back to being sleepy all the time. After talking with them and my boss we’ve decided to start an altered schedule for the next 2 weeks. So only working 4 hours a day and a substitute coming in at lunch. I’m still fine tuning some patterns and getting ready for the new design wall that my wonderful husband is making for me. Everyone have a wonderful week.

6 thoughts on “Kinetic Wind Spinner

  1. I’m sorry you are still having to tweak your meds, but I’m so glad your employer is working with you on your schedule. Your wind spinners are beautiful!


  2. Ugh, sorry to hear about the meds changes—that is such a difficult process. Hoping for quick stabilization for you!

    Those wind spinners are sooo cool.


  3. The spinners are mesmerizing to watch.
    Sorry to hear your meds are wacky. Hopefully, you get it figured out and feel better.
    The sonic quilt turned out good.


  4. I’m sorry the meds are making you feel gross again. I am glad you seem to have a very flexible employer.

    Ooooh nice eye candy he got you. I love them.

    Take care and lots of rest!!!!


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