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TTMT #102 Astros and Surgery

5 thoughts on “TTMT #102 Astros and Surgery

  1. Good luck with your surgery! I just had a steroid shot in my knee today. Hope it lasts a bit.
    The prayer shawl is very pretty as is the pretty little baby hat.


  2. Good luck with your surgery! Having had one shoulder surgery already I dread having to have another, it’s amazing how much we need that joint for just day to day life. You don’t know how much it’s needed for pretty much everything until you can’t use it. I do hope you get the results you need.

    Oh her shawl is coming along really nicely!


  3. The shawl is going to be beautiful. The beads are so fun.
    The little hat is cute.
    Good luck with the surgery. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery.


  4. Goodness gracious, surgery is going around! I am so glad your tears can be repaired without a full shoulder replacement. I know you are excited to have your Astros back. Every time I say anything about them I think about you. I will think good thoughts for you to heal well so you can spend time with your grandkids!


  5. Ugh I’m sorry you have to have surgery. But glad it’s a smaller procedure for you. If you need anything I’m not far away.

    Yay! Baseball! The Astros are on fire right now.

    Oh that shawl is gorgeous. She is going to love it. It’s really beautiful work.

    Happy Crafting


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