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TTMT#206-Mystery Solved~

4 thoughts on “TTMT#206-Mystery Solved~

  1. the mystery quilt looks amazing, and I like the t-shirt quilt, too. I still need to stabilize and cut my t-shirts from college, but I haven’t even started thinking about the layout yet.

    My daughter and I are scheduled to get our first moderna dose tomorrow afternoon, but she’s not feeling great today so it may just be me and she may have to re-schedule. Hopefully she’ll still be able to get hers soon.


  2. Your mystery quilt turned out great, I love the colors.

    The t-shirt quilt is going to be neat. I like the shadow.

    You have been busy.


  3. Goodness, you are busy! I’m so delighted to hear that you’re fully vaccinated and get to take a little trip with your husband. Your cushion covers are absolutely amazing, I love them!

    Your guild’s mystery quilt also looks awesome I’m glad you got to use some of your favorite fabrics.

    I’m not a huge fan of making t-shirt quilts, but I will say the pattern you are using is fantastic. I’ve been thinking about you and your memory quilts. You definitely have a full plate! I hope you are recovering well from your surgery. ❤️


  4. The mystery quilt looks great.
    I love the shadow box look on a quilt. I have a similar pattern in mind for a new project.

    I agree Memory quilts are special. I am not a T-shirt quilt fan. I don’t love making them.

    Yay for a camping trip. That’s a great idea for the cushions. I think it will look great.

    Oh it’s hard when they have anxiety. Lots of people aren’t wearing mask. My friends posting photos in NC are like never wearing them. Which honestly blows my mind a bit. My son in Chapel Hill always wears his but not true of everyone.

    Happy Crafting


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