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TTMT #97 Hallelujah March was quick

10 thoughts on “TTMT #97 Hallelujah March was quick

  1. Your “real” nebula blocks are just so pretty. They look fantastic.

    I am so jealous y’all got to hang out. I miss hanging out with just about anyone, lol. But I am scheduled to get dose 1 of moderna tomorrow afternoon!


  2. Loving the Nebula blocks! I hope that quilt is for you- You’re inspiring me to put more quilts on my longarm…they’re not going to quilt themselves! LOL


    1. Lol I literally have no plan for the Nebula quilt. It’s honestly not my colors even though I love it. So I may keep it or I may give it to one of my grown kids. No plan lol
      I just saw it and signed up.

      No they most certainly aren’t quilting themselves.


  3. You may be doing a lot of long arm quilting, but the blocks you have on the wall are wonderful and look like they needed lots of concentration. I love the bright colors.


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