TTMT Video

TTMT #618- Two Littles

In which I share two small orphan block quilt finishes for The Linus Connection.


10 thoughts on “TTMT #618- Two Littles

  1. I love those small almost twinsies quilts, they are too cute!

    You could have shown before and after yard photos but it might have been too sad for you. 😦 But I know you’ll get your pretty green weasley garden back.


  2. Oh yay for the two cute little Linus quilts. Adorable.

    As sad as the yard destruction is I know it must feel so much better to have it cleaned up at least.


  3. Oh I’m so sorry about the yard. I’m glad your almost done cleaning up. It’s really just sad how much was lost.

    Those are super cute baby blankets. I like the fabrics.

    Happy Crafting and hope the RSI is feeling better


  4. Those little Linus quilts are so very sweet!

    It’s really too bad your garden was so hard hit though no surprise, I suppose, given the incredible oddness of that storm for your area. Hopefully you can start to build it back up to something similar and beautiful.

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