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TTMT 138

7 thoughts on “TTMT 138

  1. I’m not at all surprised that your retirement gift was well received, it was very cool!

    I look forward to seeing the gift you’re making for your friend who is changing stores. What a sweet thing you are doing for her. It sounds like she’s well worth the Jane Austen fabric!


  2. Mrs. Jamie is so worth Jane Austin fabric. I’m off today so I hope I can knock out the quilting. I just love the quilt top.

    Ya Geoff opened my gift and was like thanks for the bath set and then he saw the embroidery! He just loved it. It was so nice to sit in a restaurant and have a real meal with friends (social distance and masked up) for the first time in over a year felt like something normal.


  3. Yeah for another UFO chart. But with all you completed so far this year, you could start about 5 new projects and still work on the UFO chart.
    Looking forward to seeing your coworkers quilt next week.
    That fat quarter bundle just screams summer fun.


  4. I think I might do a to-do list for APril. I’m not up for an entire list of my UFOs, that would totally overwhelm me! lol.

    I’m not surprised he loved his gift, it was really unique and fun. Very personal.

    That’s very sweet f oyu to make you friend a quilt. I’m sure she will really appreciate it!

    I saw when you posted those fabrics on IG and thought those are really cute.


  5. That summer fabric bundle is so fun!

    Yay for putting together a great gift quilt for your departing coworker. Can’t wait to see it finished. No doubts she will love it.

    I’m terrible with lists and charts. Always want to have them and think they’ll be useful and then have to go off script anyway.


    1. Im hoping to get the quilt done before she leaves, she is going to work at another location so I can always drop it off.
      I love the summer fat quarter bundle too. Just had to get it when I saw it.


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