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TTMT #87 Quilts Finished

7 thoughts on “TTMT #87 Quilts Finished

  1. Your Kingdom Hearts quilt turned out beautiful. Tardis quilting for the Bonnie Hunter quilt is fun, especially with the bright colors you used.

    The lone star quilt is beautiful also. I love all star quilts. I vote for an Elvis quilt, that would be fun with all those retro fabrics and you are close to Graceland. Glad you liked the quilted post card.


  2. Oh yay, I am so glad to hear you’re doing better. It’s good to see you again. ♥

    Woo, your quilt looks so good! Jennifer does such an awesome job. I do think the trophies would be great for a bookshelf quilt. That’s a lovely idea.

    I love seeing your stuff hanging on the curtain. I’ve been thinking of moving my friendship goodies on the wall to the garage now that I’m not spending all day in the bedroom. ♥

    I really enjoyed seeing your quilt rescue. It’s just lovely.

    GREAT mail. How fun!


  3. I’m so glad you are doing better!
    I love that reversible quilt. I have never done one, but I really like that idea!
    The lone star quilt is gorgeous, that was a great rescue.
    I vote for the Elvis quilt. You love the fabric, make something you’ll love out of it. I’m so over masks. The last few I made were for Valentine’s day, but I think I’m done for now. Maybe when I have to start leaving the house more often I’ll do a few more.
    Your Bonnie Hunter quilt is so gorgeous!!!!


  4. They are both lovely quilts. The two sided was a cool idea. It worked out well.

    I am so glad the hear your are feeling better. I know your not 100% but so happy it’s moving In the right direction.

    You’ve been going to town on your designs & testing.

    I love the Lone Star rescue quilt. So pretty!

    Ooooh go for the Elvis quilt!


  5. WoW! You got a lot done for a person who was sick. Love the red/white star quilt. The 2 sided quilt is cool, too. You have been doing a lot. Can’t wait to see the new things you are working on.


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