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TTMT #617 – Stuff for Kid 1

Correction! I made the older pillowcase in March 2010. Sheesh!


14 thoughts on “TTMT #617 – Stuff for Kid 1

  1. Very sorry to hear about your plants. I know that sucks when you’ve put in years to take care of them.

    Love the mask and the pillowcase.

    Also I don’t notice the block. 😂


    1. Thanks! I haven’t sewn anything this week, but our little oasis is slowly (VERY SLOWLY) getting better.

      That block drove me crazy the entire time I was editing, just not enough to re-record.


  2. I love seeing what you craft for your kiddos , It reminds me that even though mine don’t want things at the moment they will in future.

    Love the masks and pillowcases. Good luck with the plants and things. xx


    1. My kids definitely differ in what they like for me to make, but they will ask from time to time. They are very sweet about it because they now get that my time is valuable and so are supplies.


      1. All the masks! Very cute. And I also love the pillow cases. I need to make some more of those. I wish you the best in getting your yard back in order. “Crappy weather is the price we pay for living on a geologically active planet.” (A quote from my hubby.)


  3. I may have missed when you talked about the pillow case before. That pattern did you use to make that? Rich hates when his pillow comes out of the case.
    I did have plants die, but I had several that are doing better than before and are going gang busters. Our honeysuckle has never looked this good. It’s interesting to see what died all over the city.


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