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TTMT #395 – jewells68 – March 17, 2021 – Double Your Quilting, Double Your Fun!

Double your fun!

Crafty times are back, y’all! I show you my first project with my Cricut Maker, as well as 2 quilts I finished this weekend. I quilted them at the same time, loaded ended to end on my frame using a single piece of backing and a single piece of batting. Worked a treat and super duper fast! So glad I got the Cricut and crafty plans are brewing. See y’all next week!

12 thoughts on “TTMT #395 – jewells68 – March 17, 2021 – Double Your Quilting, Double Your Fun!

    1. Hey you have helped me reach my goal multiple times, and frankly, we aren’t distributing as much as y’all are right now, and those tops were ready to go, so why not! Also it was fun which is even better!

      I’m getting pretty excited about the cricut. It needs a home so I can move all my non-quilty craft supplies and stuff into the same area as the cricut. The dining room should work really well.

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  1. I love the scrap bins your labels look really straight. I understand what you mean about paper products , I just don’t like card making. I think my starter projects were all HTV on kids t shirts. My only tips with HTV is to label your scraps well, some HTV is cold peel and some is hot , plus they all have slightly different instructions on them for heat settings etc, Its easy to get your scraps mixed up , which can lead to failed projects. I cant wait to see the future projects.

    The quilts look great.


    1. Oh good suggestions on the vinyl! The HTV I used came in that nice reclosable plastic envelope so I’ll keep all of that brand in there. The only other iron I’ve bought sofar is a small assortment of cricut brand that I haven’t opened.


      1. I store my scraps on a ring binder with the file clear a4 pockets , then I write on them with a sharpie, you will be surprised how many scraps you end up with . I can’t wait to see your cricut area when your all set up x


        1. My only question is why you are writing on them with a sharpie when you have a cricut. 😉 Get you some writable vinyl. 😉 OH or chalkboard vinyl and chalk markers.


  2. Playing video chat up.

    Happy Belated St Patty’s

    Love the labels. Nice upcycling

    You are just jumping in instead of wasting your time with paper stuff.
    Secret projects 😍

    I like the towels idea. You can’t have to many towels.

    Lol I find it funny how much floral yardage gets donate to Linus. I think I did 3 or 4 with a floral that Jennifer also did a couple with the same floral. I think they see it and love it but then don’t know what to do with it.

    I love doing double quilts at once. So fast and fun!


    1. I think you are probably right about the yardage that gets donated. People buy it and then it’s like “what was I thinking? It’s gorgeous but I don’t know what to do with it?”

      That’s the way I saw it with the cricut. I’d rather try to make something I want and fail and have to do it over than practice on stuff I DON’T want or need.


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