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TTMT #38 – March 16 2021- Strings and Mysteries

Attended the Kalamazoo Log Cabin Quilters meeting via zoom tonight. Their guess speaker was Mary Hogan with a slide show on her string quilts and her two books. That inspired me to make another string block.

This is the last week of my Cy Star Mystery Quilt Along. The last six weeks have flown by.

9 thoughts on “TTMT #38 – March 16 2021- Strings and Mysteries

  1. Will you use all those string blocks in the same project or use them in various different ways? (Curious mainly because of the size variations.)

    I’m still slowly picking away at the curved blocks. And by slowly, I mean I’ve got about 36 of them done. It makes me crazy doing too many at once and I just wind up doing anything else instead. Hopefully I’ll get there soon…


    1. I found doing 8 to 10 units at a time helped me. Eight at a time is enough for one block at a time, then make all the other units for the block and put the block together. It is fun to see the blocks come together. I love all the different fabric combinations people are using.

      At the moment, I am thinking of using all the different sizes in one project. Same size in a group or in a row and then put the rows/groups together. So many different design options. Until I put them together I will just keep making more string blocks. Everyone will probably get tired of seeing them by the time I finally put them into a quilt. If I don’t have anything to show for the week, I have been making one of the blocks to show, so that is keeping me motivated. Plus then I cut a bunch of my fabric and ended up with more strings.


  2. Happy Vaccine!

    I’m glad your mystery quilt went well. I’ve seen the finished quilt on FB and it’s so pretty!

    It will be fun to see your string blocks put all together. You might end up with enough for a couple of quilts!

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    1. Thank you. The strings keep multiplying so maybe. It is a quick go to if I haven’t been very crafty. Or should I say able to share what I am making.


  3. Yay for vaccine day! That, my friend, is a GOOD DAY!

    That is quite a stack of blocks. I always enjoy seeing how your string blocks are coming along. QAYG is really popular for string blocks with our Linus ladies, too.


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