TTMT Video

TTMT 3/17/21

Believe it or not, I recorded this yesterday but it after 3 hours it still hadn’t uploaded so I turned it off and tried again today. Only took 10 minutes or so. Geez!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a couple of months but I have been watching. I’ll try to do better at posting!

6 thoughts on “TTMT 3/17/21

  1. Nice to see you again! Ugh to the broken toe.. sounds awful. (I broke mine once by accidentally kicking a wood bed frame. I mean, I stubbed my toe, just bad enough I broke the toe. SO painful!)

    Looks like tons of people are using Grunge for their YoD quilts… it makes such a good background with the slight variations in colour.


  2. First, YAY being vaccinated! I’m thrilled to know that.

    You can talk all you want. I enjoyed your story about comic con and Willy Wonka!

    I am relieved to hear that your toe is on the mend. When I saw your post about breaking it my heart 100% went out to you! Goodness knows I know what it feels like to have to wear those darn hard-soled shoes.

    I love your background fabric! So many of us are using Grunge and that just makes me so happy!

    Fingers crossed that your embroidery machine behaves itself. That can be so frustrating.


  3. Ouch your poor toe, glad its on the mend and so happy that you have had the vaccine. I cant wait to see all the different fandoms on your qullt and I love the backing fabric.

    Hope your machine plays well for you. xx


  4. Yay good to see you Susan! I’m glad you are getting your vaccine. I expect it to be May before I’m eligible, but who knows, I may get lucky.

    I saw your broken toe, ouch. That always sucks because there is really nothing they can do but just let it heal. Owie.

    I love grunge and I think both your fabrics are so pretty!!


  5. Hey there!

    Yay for Vaccines! I’m so glad your vaccinated.

    Sorry about your toe. I hope your almost healed up.

    Yay for the background fabric. That is a very pretty blue. Ooooh I love the grunge. It’s pool! I used it on my Infinity Stones top and on my Zelda top. It’s one of my favorite grunges.

    Good to see you.


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