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TTMT #220 – A plant, a sketchbook, and a trilogy.

10 thoughts on “TTMT #220 – A plant, a sketchbook, and a trilogy.

  1. Oh my goodness lady! I think we need to keep you away from the hot oil! I really hope you heal up nicely and that it doesn’t hurt too much.

    I am honored that you are including the little plant in your Year of Doom quilt. That is really quite incredibly sweet! You are right that we met way before the Project of Doom probably three or four years before to be honest!


    1. Yes, it’s been a while.

      No pain at all. Not even when I touch it. I’m not feeling very loved today. Tried all morning to get an appointment to see a doctor, mostly because my daughter thinks I have nerve damage because I am in no pain. It is easy to dismiss this because her background is in neurology…but it just keeps nagging at me. I’m more worried that a specialist will later tell me that the scarring would have been treatable if I had done something specific in the first week. So my regular doctor is booked until Monday. I don’t think him LPN is the “specialist” I need. I sent photos in my message to him, and she kidnapped the message and responded that she is available, which means my favorite doctor doesn’t even know I’ve been burned. I called the PCP assigned to me by my insurance company and he retired 10 years ago (assigned to me in January). I called my insurance company for a referral and there isn’t a live person in that whole company. I called a dermatologist in my regular doctor’s clinic, and he can see me on the 30th. I called another clinic I trust and have an appointment with a dermatologist there on Monday. Everyone I talked to says I need to be seen right away, but no one wants to see me. UGHHHH!!!!

      So Monday it is. The story on the hot oil is a sad one. My gas stove where I live isn’t working well since I cleaned it a little aggressively. I finally got 3 of the burners to work, but the oven doesn’t work. My brand new gas oven/cooktop that I am in love with is at my house that’s being remodeled waiting for me to move in. Great for cooking, but no running water yet. So we cook at my brother’s house every night (where I grew up). I still can’t believe that between my mother, my father, and now my brother, he has an old electric stove. He doesn’t know how that happened. The heat on it is so uneven and unpredictable that I just hate it. It knows it and wants revenge. First trying to put my eye out, and now attacking a large portion of my largest organ. We’ll see if it succeeds in killing me or just at scarring and maiming me.


  2. Yikes those burns look something awful. I was reading your comment to Jennifer and it sounds like you’re not having the best luck getting in to see a doctor, but I hope you’re able to get someone to look at it! I’m glad to here it’s not hurting though.

    The block looks pretty cool… I wouldn’t have noticed the plant pot wasn’t pot shaped if you hadn’t pointed it out… it kind of looks neat as is! like you said, it kind of suits a succulent.


    1. I have an appointment on Monday (over a week since the original burns). Best I could do. They are not hurting–which concerns my daughter.

      Yes, the pot looks like a succulent pot, but I was aiming for a terra cotta style one. I’m keeping it.

      I have been having a lot of fun designing lately. Hopefully next week I’ll have a new quilt (or at least the design) to show off. I have so many fun projects right now that I can’t get any of them finished…but I’m enjoying it and that matters more. At some point they will all get finished. My most fun one needs special thread that I ordered and it just shipped tonight (after 11:00 tonight they printed the shipping label because I started bugging them about it being weeks since I paid them). So I’m good now.


  3. Oh my goodness, I hope that the doctor sees those burns soon , they look like they mean need so assistance, I cant believe that they don’t hurt.

    I love your block and the meaning behind the things you have included.

    Keep well xxx


    1. I saw the doctor and feel better about the scarring. She told me what to do for now to heal them, and then in 3 months we’re going to see about scarring and what to do about it. She couldn’t believe they don’t hurt, either. Sometimes I worry when things don’t hurt.

      Thanks – this quilt is for me, so I’m putting in things that mean something to me. I’m really enjoying it.

      Always good to hear from you.


    1. I have an air fryer and love it. This was from a meal kit (Hello Fresh) which is so much cheaper and easier…and my brother is old and set in his ways (he’s 2 years older than I am). He does understand that his stove is out to kill me, though, so he’s doing all the frying.

      Thanks. I like the shape of the pot, too, it’s just not what I designed. I submitted my original to be tested so I can have a photo of one that matches the pattern. I’m still really enjoying the YOD project.


    1. Thank you. The stove hasn’t killed me yet! Almost blinded me, and possibly scarred me, but I’m still here.

      I love how my blocks are coming together. It’s even got me thinking of pulling out the old blocks from the POD and finishing them up now. They probably only need a bookcase, which I can do when we get to that. I’ll take a look.


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