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TTMT#205-Finding Mojo

6 thoughts on “TTMT#205-Finding Mojo

  1. Well that stinks. I hope you are out of the funk. I feel like I spent all of January in that place.

    Yay for getting Vaccine. Do you have to quarantine after the one you got? I shouldn’t need to do that for the one I’m getting. Doesn’t seem like you had any issues with it. So that’s good.

    Oh that’s a fun ruler. I come to the conclusion I prefer rulers that I can find a quilt a long associated with them. Otherwise I don’t learn to use them. You do have a lot of possibilities with that ruler. Have fun!


  2. How fun that you found a treasure in your own stash of supplies! I genuinely hope it helps kickstart your mojo!

    Yay, vaccine! I’m so delighted you had yours. One step closer to freedom. And hugs. ❤️


  3. I think you will get your mojo back with that ruler and some quick and easy blocks. Yeah for the vaccine. Happy Crafting and sewing this weekend.


  4. One step closer to the new normal whatever that might be , glad you had no after effects. Hope that you get your Sew-Jo back soon xxx


  5. It’s always fun to find something you forgot you bought, lol. That is totally something I would do, too.

    I hope all your ideas kickstart that sewjo and get you rockin’ and rollin’ again! Sounds like it might!


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