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TTMT #96 Quilting Along

10 thoughts on “TTMT #96 Quilting Along

  1. There is a lot going on up on that wall!

    I think I like your scrap fabrics better than the “official” ones. You’re making your own mystery quilt!

    I am SO excited for your kiddo! It’s so awesome and I know how freaking proud you are. I love it when they are excited, it makes so much difference. That is a big jump in location!

    Also, YAY VACCINE!! One step closer. Three of my son’s friends are now vaxxed. Two eductors and one with asthma. I’m SO relieved every time one more person is done.


    1. Yes there is a lot going on.

      I may love my scrap one more. I just realize I wasn’t actually paying any attention. I think I’ll likely continue that way and hope for the best.

      We are so happy for him. He really didn’t seem to sure of what he wanted to do next year until the fall. He came home so excited about it. He had other schools in mind but really wanted this program.

      One perk of our moves over the years is my kids literally have no fear of moving anywhere if something they want to pursue is there. I never want them to pass on an exciting opportunity or experience because of location. You can find something you love about every place.

      *jumping up & down*
      Vaccine!!!!! Yes I’m pretty happy about it.

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  2. Your Nebula blocks look great. It will be fun to see how many different quilts you end up making.
    Congratulations to you and your son on his graduation and acceptance into grad school.

    Yay for the vaccine.


  3. Your blocks look amazing and I cant wait to see them all finished up. Congratulations to your son and you for your news , the best thing about being a parent is seeing your kiddos happy.

    I can understand your vaccine excitement, I get mine this weekend so I am really happy (also that I only have to drive 20 mins away and not 2 hours ).


    1. Thank you

      So excited for him. It’s wonderful to watch them pursue their dreams and goals. He has had a lot of challenges to over come. So it’s good to see him thrive.

      Oh yay for getting your vaccine! Even if it just gives us a tad of normalcy back! I don’t mind the drive. Hubs and I will have 4 hrs without the sonic hearing teenager to chat and listen to music. ❤️


  4. The Nebula blocks are coming along great! I don’t think I’ve ever done diamonds, but I do want to learn because the Jane Austen quilt is on my bucket list. Congrats to the parents on having a smart kid! Congrats to him for his hard work! It pays off.


    1. Thanks
      I don’t know if the way Jaybird/Julie Herman does her diamonds would work for the Jane Austen quilt. If so I found it much easier than I expected. I’m not sure I would have done well without her tutorials.


  5. Its fun watching your Nebula blocks coming together. I think the Nebula blocks will look good in your scrappy version regardless of the lack of planning.. lots of times scrappy things kind of just come together anyway. I mean, not always, but I’m sure it’ll work out 😀

    Glad to hear about your son’s good news! Exciting.

    There’s so much interesting stuff up on your design wall!


  6. Your design wall is so bright and happy!

    That is fantastic news about your son, and so exciting for you and for him. We have a former TTMTer in Portland, before your time I think. She works for Nike. Yet another Jennifer, lol.

    Great news on the vaccine. Our entire state is still really restrictive on the categories, regardless of county.


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