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TTMT #616 – Full Steam!

Well, I had a busy week!!


16 thoughts on “TTMT #616 – Full Steam!

  1. Wow, lots of Linus quilts. Your portable design wall is great. I might have to make one. Did you use 4 It’s and 2 elbows? 4 or 5 pieces of pipe? I have 7 yards of white flannel.


    1. Two elbows, four Ts, four couplers, and four caps, which I added to the feet after taking photos. I started with 5′ lengths and cut those to 3′ (x8) for the sides and 1′ (x4) for the fleet plus a two 2″ pieces for the legs.

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  2. Wow , you have had a really productive week. I love your design wall , I especially like that you made it cat proof !

    It will be so nice for all your Linus people to be able to see each other , I really hope that it all goes well.

    Love the licenced fabrics , the Beauty and the Beast pillow looks great.


    1. I was almost done when I realized I was unintentionally making a cat climbing wall! The loops were a late addition!

      I’m looking forward to our parking lot meeting. I think most people are much more comfortable with social distancing and being careful at this stage.

      Ah, of course you like the Disney fabric. 😁

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  3. Oh my gosh! You’ve been busy! Loving all the tops you made and what a project to have done in making the design wall. Yay!


  4. What a busy bee you’ve been! All that pent up energy from the last part of 2020 is being put to good use.

    I was wondering if you were gonna find a the pvc or not. It has been hard to come by here. I love the design wall. I have thought about making something because I my space is large but not large wall. They have doorways, windows, or stairs on them. So I have pondered either two design walls or one larger portal one.

    Oh I’m so exciting for your parking lot meeting. So good for the soul!

    She picked some fun fabrics. Have fun making her all the goodies.


    1. I honestly didn’t know if I’d find PVC, but there was no shortage at the Lowe’s I visited. I had already planned to wait if there was because obviously a design wall is low priority by comparison. If I had room, I’d make a giant frame that was non flexible..more of a portable wall! I think what we need are cubicle walls!

      I’m really looking forward to Saturday. It’s been far too long since I was able to do anything substantial for Linus.


  5. I think Jennifer R nailed it on the head… all that pent up “want to do all the things” from the last 6 months has burst forth! So many beautiful quilts. It was so fun to see you designing orphan quilts again.

    thank you for the Kaffe quilt! That’s a great size for my group. We always have plethora of baby size. And the Pinafore is cute. I’ve been eyeing that bubble up fabric, they have it at ToB now. But nooooooo. Must not buy, lol.


    1. Finishing All The Secret Projects helped, too! I was doing stuff, just not really showing it! Also, getting that damn bathroom sorted helped a lot!

      And you’re welcome! I was happy to share. Kaffe and Co should be there tomorrow. Woo!

      Bubble up is so yummy. Mmmmm.


  6. Wow! You had some exciting quilty stuff going on this week. You are so lively this week. Even with your arm bothering you, you seem so happy and rested. Glad the foot stuff is gone!


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