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TTMT #615 – Bloomers & Blocks

We’re back in The Sewing Hole today with two new blocks for The Year of Doom as well as some progress on my 15″ Raggedy Ann doll. Special thanks to Becki for the replacement pattern pieces! 

Tiny White Van, A No. 1 Ladies Detective Angency Bookcase Block. Free for personal & non-profit use on Fandom in Stitches. 10″ paper pieced. Designed by me.
Poirot Bookcase Block. Free for personal & non-profit use on Fandom in Stitches. 10″ paper pieced. Designed by me.

11 thoughts on “TTMT #615 – Bloomers & Blocks

  1. The PoD blocks look great… I’m not joining in, but I love this idea of a choose your own fandom PoD quilt… you really get to add so many creative and specific things for whatever you really love.

    That’s so awesome you were able to get the right pattern pieces for your Raggedy dolls… trust someone in the craft world to be able to help out, though!


    1. I’m putting zero pressure on myself and only making blocks if I feel like it. There will likely be some non-fandom things in mine, too, but I haven’t gotten that far yet!

      The internet is a beautiful place! I had planned to try to use the 10″ and 20″ patterns for reference, but it was definitely easier to have the actual piece!

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  2. I love that you have the pieces you were missing from your grandmother’s doll pattern. Now you are ready to rescue any stray Raggedy that comes into your path!

    I have to say it is so amazingly wonderful to see you tackling all these projects, be they quilty or otherwise… it’s like you are getting close to pre-foot activity levels! It’s terrific. 🙂


    1. I’m really happy to have all of those pattern pieces. I think I find rescuing the dolls so peaceful and therapeutic because they have NOTHING to do with ANYTHING.

      It feels like I’m playing catch up for all the years I had to pace myself. ♥


  3. A portable design wall sounds great. Raggedy Ann is looking spiffy in her new clothes. I like the rolled hem foot that I have, just need to play with it some. I am looking forward to getting together with quilting friends as well.


  4. Great POD blocks of course—still love how you’re putting in the fictional titles.

    The bloomers are adorable and really make her so much more complete.

    Excited to see how the design wall comes together. Good luck!


  5. Yay for you! I am so glad you fixed the shower. What a complete pain but obviously great that it wasn’t a major plumbing issue. Every single time I DIY I end up with hand/wrist/elbow pain. I try to minimize my involvement in projects that take days in a row anymore. I can generally tolerate of a day of anything but not day after day.
    Long gone are those days of months on end fixing up a house.

    Raggedy Ann looks adorable. I love how you got the patterns.

    I need to make some of your blocks. They are lovely.


    1. My RSI is *much* better today, thank goodness. You’re exactly right. I can do one day here or there, but days in a row, nope, kicks my butt!

      And thank you! I love the blocks I’ve made so far. I love not having had the pressure to design them an entire quilt’s worth this time!


  6. Your excitement over seeing people again made me smile, I miss people and places. I have my first vaccine on Sunday and I am really happy to be getting it done. I have to do the self test twice a week at the moment for school.

    I really need to get some DIY done , the whole house needs a paint.

    Love the Poirot block , one of my absolute favourites, when you get here we need to take you both to Brighton and Eastbourne on the South coast , they have hotels from that period and you can get high tea there .


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