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TTMT #86

5 thoughts on “TTMT #86

  1. I’m so glad your aren’t having more severe symptoms and side effects of the medication. Designing is always good for keeping yourself busy while still resting up.

    I adore your RB quilt. The quilting looks great and the colors are gorgeous.

    Happy Crafting & keep getting better!


  2. Oh, Jeanie, I can *feel* how tired you are. I really hope that your meds are doing their job so you can feel like yourself soon.

    I LOVE your Rankin/Bass quilt. I just can’t get over how perfect your fabric colors are.



  3. Glad to hear it’s mostly just tiredness from your medication… I hope that passes quickly for you!

    Your RB quilt looks fantastic! I love the border you added.. so pretty!


  4. I’m sorry you are so tired and I really really hope the medication is helping! You Rankin Bass quilt is so beautiful, the colors are so wonderful. I hope you continue to mend and your energy increases.


  5. I really hope that you start to feel less tired soon, glad that the medication is helping you. Love the Rankin and Bass quilt , although I have never seen the programme (not even sure it is a programme or book!) the quilt looks great. xx


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