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quick check in…

7 thoughts on “quick check in…

  1. I have never tried xstitch because I found hand embroidery easier, but I’ve seen amazing works done with it, it can really accomplish fantastic results.

    Good to see your “face in the place” once again!


  2. Love the cross stitch. Irreverent cross-stitches are very popular in my house. I have one over my desk that says “I want to be where the people aren’t” that my cousin made for me. Makes me smile.

    Yay baby visit!


  3. I think that’s a super cute pattern…that’s exactly how I’ve been feeling lately. Love that you’re sharing your love of crafting. If even one person continues that’s adding joy to someone’s life and it’s thereapeutic.


  4. I feel that cross stitch this week! Also? I stared at your wall wondering why you hadn’t mentioned that quilt project before I figured out what it was! Keep inspiring the people, crafty lady! *glomps*


  5. That cross stitch can be the 2021 TTMT motto… seriously

    I was a huge cross stitcher before I got sucked down the quilting hole.
    I think I started a maybe 10 or so. Nowadays my eyes and patience can’t take it. But I still love to see a beautiful cross stitch.

    Enjoy your Linky visit. Lots of squeezes and giggles are in order!

    Happy Crafting & Safe travels


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