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TTMT #614 – Dogs & Friends

A guest star AND a surprise quilt?! Yes indeed! For reasons I will explain, I recorded last week for sharing today. For the same reasons, I am also behind on watching videos but very much look forward to seeing what you all have been up to asap. ♥


18 thoughts on “TTMT #614 – Dogs & Friends

  1. The datsun quilt is so CUTE! Love the collaboration…that’s what I need…a teammate!
    So good to see you both and I’m envying the sunshine that you’re basking in.


    1. It was important to us that the quilt be from both of us. I’m really pleased with how it worked out!

      My plants are toast and I fear most of them won’t come back (lots of sub-tropicals), but at least we’re warm again!


  2. The dogs in sweaters quilt is cute. I like the background you used. Great quilt to work on with a friend to give to a friend.

    The pillowcase is beautiful. I like the pocket, I might have to make a couple like that.

    You have had a very busy week with all the sewing and moving you have been doing.

    Glad PT is done and you have graduated from that chapter in your life.


  3. Well I hope the move out has gone better than the last thing I saw about a broken elevator and that those newly graduated feet are hanging in there.

    That is a good way to make a pillowcase for some of those more pesky pillows that won’t stay put.

    Oh my the Dachshund quilt is really sweet. The collaboration is great. I’m sure it means a lot to her that you both worked on it together.

    Happy Crafting


    1. With the three of us, we managed moving sans elevator fine. I had some swelling after moving, but the elevation difference was already affecting me. Swelling without pain, though, so I’ll take it!!

      She loved the quilt. ♥


  4. This is a great video because it’s all about finished things. Finished moving out of the apartment, finished with PT, finished a quilt! And of course, finished cold weather. 🙂

    I love the dogs so much and am so happy for you finishing your PT!!! *throws confett*

    Hipstitch opened their doors for in-person shopping yesterday for 3 people at a time, but for now they are continuing to discount running yardage 20% if you order online. So definitely an incentive to keep ordering online. BUT it’s nice to know if I really want a minicone of glide thread for quilting something I can go grab one when they are open.


  5. YAYY!!!! Full release on the foot and no pain–this is INCREDIBLE. Very very happy for you.

    I’ve never had a pillowcase with a pocket to keep the pillow in….definitely intriguing…

    I know what you mean about all those little pieces in an Elizabeth Hartman pattern–it’s definitely different. I did her whale one a couple years ago and they turned out great, but it’s a lot of tiny cutting and piecing, that’s for sure. Looks so wonderful–love the purple background.


    1. I can’t even express how amazed I am that I am pain-free after so many years of pain. My surgeon is my superhero!!

      I love the way the dogs came out, but I can’t say I’m keen to make another pattern in the same style. Give me paper piecing any day!


  6. I am so so pleased for your foot news, not sure I will be able to keep up when you the next time you come here. It must feel like a weight has been lifted for you and your family.

    I have often thought about making a pillow case like that as that is the ones we have here, but I like the hot dog method and couldn’t work out how to do it.

    Love the doggy quilt and its so nice that you and Sarah made it together.



  7. That dachshund quilt is just the best. I love dachshund, too, and the lavender is a wonderful color. I’m glad you get to have your boy at home. I know I would feel with my boy home, so I’m happy for you.


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