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TTMT#204-More quilting

7 thoughts on “TTMT#204-More quilting

  1. The quilting looks great. Is the embroidery machine just great for stuff like that?

    I know I always plan to do the leaders and Enders. I don’t end up doing it. Lol

    No it’s definitely darker. Plus Moda grunge! Ok what’s the website?

    Oh that blue is gorgeous


  2. That quilting looks great! I do leaders and enders, of a sort, but I just use scraps and reuse them over and over so they aren’t usable in a quilt. I have done them that way (2.5″ squares) but I got tired of it and ended up giving them to someone else, lol. I didn’t like having to pay attention to seams being straight, etc.

    I can totally tell the difference between those fabrics, the second one is definitely darker, I really like it! My local shop hipstitch has solids, which theirs are mostly Moda Bella solids and Paintbrush Studio’s Painter’s Palette solids for $6.39 a yard. With free shipping starting at $75. I don’t buy a bunch of solid, but I actually prefer the Painter’s Palette solids to the Moda, it’s buttery soft and such great quality.And their grunge is about $10/yd at Hipstitch also. Can you tell it’s my favorite store? lol I’m hoping they continue selling online at these prices when they reopen to in-store shopping on March 1.

    That purple is so pretty!


  3. What a productive week. Baby quilt and label look great. The darker fabric for the POD will work wonderfully. So many deals on fabric. Love it all, the purples and blues. The Tula fabric is fabulous and to be able to double up coupons. Happy Sewing this week.


  4. You should be so proud resisting buying fabric!! lol I’m going to look into those 3 yard quilts. I have a couple of quilts I was going to make and I’m not interested in them any longer and the fabric is not my style any longer. Also, I still love that bee quilt. Looks wonderful!


  5. The baby quilt looks so sweet, I love it!

    You’re doing a great job on the quilt labels. You’ve obviously gotten the hang of your embroidery machine!

    I’ve tried to start leaders & enders over. And Over. And Over. It never sticks! I know Linus ladies who make beautiful charity quilt with theirs. Hopefully, you do better than I do!

    How fun is your mystery quilt? I love your colors.

    Paris through the Window is beautiful.

    I need to take a poll and see how many people are using Grunge for their YoD. It is sooo perfect!!

    Oh, that purple is GREAT!

    Thank you so much for donating to the food bank. It’s been a rough couple of weeks for a whole lot of people!


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