TTMT Video

TTMT #95 Electric

The youngest dork exhausted from the chaos.
Momma Lia using me as heating pad. Lol

8 thoughts on “TTMT #95 Electric

  1. That picture of Frito. Omg!😂
    Seriously, what a week. I am so glad that your busted pipes did not do damage to your houses. We were so fortunate not to have anything worse than what we experienced. I do agree that it’s very awesome to see Neighbors and communities coming together to do what they can.


    1. My cat is a true blue dork. So glad he found his people here 🤣

      It’s so nice to see neighbors being neighborly. Even in H‑E‑B everyone seemed to being taking just what they needed.
      It was heartwarming. So glad you are all well.

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  2. Wow, Frito, um, interesting position there, lol.

    I am wearing my Be Kind tee today, too!

    OMG I just can’t get over how bad this thing got. A friend in Dallas had a pipe burst outside AND inside. It took a couple days to get those fixed by a family member that lived in the area. Plumbers were just unreachable by then. I am so glad you didn’t have any damage. I know so many people across the state that did.

    The Nebula blocks look great.


    1. This dorky cat does this all the time. He is ridiculously entertaining to watch.

      Yup so crazy. No words for the insanity of it all other than grateful to be out of it with basically nothing wrong.

      Thanks I hope I can actually get the whole thing together in the end.


  3. What a week is right. I’m so glad you came out relatively unscathed. And I’m so glad to see the neighbors coming together. i am heart-broken to watch the news about all of the devastation to so many homes and businesses and the deaths. What a scary time.


  4. What a week you all had. Glad to hear you had minimal damage and were able to get it fixed. Was that a 1 in 100 year storm? I know the south does not have the infrastructure and equipment for the cold and snow.
    Your nebula blocks are looking great. The points are spot on. Take care.


  5. I’m finally getting to TTMT on Sunday the 28th – We finally got our water after dark last night. Wow! flushing toilets are such a thrill!! We finally got the water heater turned on this morning. Before the plumber came to help with the water heater we washed dishes by boiling some water on the stove. We had a dishwasher full of dishes that didn’t get done before the electricity went off. Now at 5 pm on Sunday we have cold and hot water and electricity! It’s awesome!


  6. Whew! You went through a lot, but so glad it was not really disastrous in the end.

    Whenever I see your nebula blocks the first thing that pops into my mind is “Cool!” They just look cool.

    Sounds like awesome progress on your longarming backlog.


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