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TTMT #94 Just Chillin’

8 thoughts on “TTMT #94 Just Chillin’

  1. You and Jeanie are really making me want to start a rankin bass quilt and I cannot start another freaking thing right now, lol. Maybe by summer I’ll be ready and more caught up on other stuff.

    I love the gemstones on those pillow cases, they worked great for that!


  2. The pillow cases look great. The water gun that shoots jelly, is really good. I need to get back to my R & B quilts. The ruler work and free motion quilt turned out neat. Glad to hear you are hanging in there. Sounds like things will start to warm up soon. Stay warm and safe.


  3. Glad to hear things have been mostly okay for you (at least compared to some of what we saw on the news!)… I hope it keeps warming up for you.

    The pillowcases turned out pretty great…love the diamond edges.


  4. My house was silly busy during all this because All The People. Trying to catch up a little on videos today.

    I’ve had a couple of friends have massive damage to their homes due to their attic pipes freezing. As you say, our houses aren’t built for this!

    I love that you and Jeanie have been working on your Rankin/Bass. You have a good chunk of your blocks done!

    I’m enjoying watching you and Jewells play with your new ruler setups!

    The pillowcases are so good!! Holy crap, that Beaker fabric is amazing!!


  5. Oh my goodness those Rankin/Bass blocks are just so cute. I had been planning to make just a few small projects with just my most favorite characters but whenever I see your blocks it makes me think maybe I do need a whole quilt of them after all.

    Nice to see your ruler quilting.

    The pillowcases are great–those are some pretty fancy cuffs! But I kind of think it’s possible that the Beaker fabric outshines the cuff. It’s pretty dang awesome.


    1. Oh Beaker definitely outshines the cuff! I generally won’t spend so much time on a pillowcase cuff, but I wanted to work on a specific skill.
      So fancy pants (or cuff) for Beaker & Animal.

      I haven’t made much progress on RankinBass partially because I can’t decide which blocks to include. I don’t want a king size quilt. Lol


  6. Oh pretty snow….NOT! Love the pillowcases! My brother in law’s nickname was Beaker! Makes me laugh. What are you going to do with all those practice blocks? They’re so big!


    1. I’m going to make a scrappy nebula. The pattern give directions for lap to king size. So I’ll probably base that on how it will be used.

      The snow was completely bizarre. I didn’t move to a subtropical climate for this!


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