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TTMT 196: Stuff and Nonsense

In which I show two finished mini quilts – the reworked orchid mini from 2014 and a new Thanksgiving one – and the bits and pieces of three other projects – including the Grassy Creek mystery quilt, the Cy Star mystery quilt, and a leader/ender nine patch in green. Also, a lot of bitching and moaning about the weather and my job.

9 thoughts on “TTMT 196: Stuff and Nonsense

  1. I’m sorry about that job, that is a big decision to make. We are an at will state, and there are very few unions in NM, so we can just be let go with zero notice for zero reason. I am glad you have options, even though it’s such a hard decision to make. I believe there is a grieving we go through when we lose our job regardless of whether we were fired or our position was just dissolved… so it’s totally understandable that you would feel ambivalence and not be able to make a decision. I wish you all the best in figuring out your next move.

    I think your mom’s orchid looks beautiful. It does really make it stand out. It looked lovely before, but it definitely does make a difference, what you’ve done there. And the Thanksgiving wall hanging is cute! I hope you get to give it to your mom soon.

    I am still contemplating jumping in on Michelle’s mystery quilt, but am loathe to start anything new that I can’t finish the same day, lol. I have so many things sitting here waiting to be finished!

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    1. Yeah… Alberta has the worst labour laws in Canada (some of which is mitigated by my union and our contract), so I sort of always find it shocking when I hear about how things are in the US. Even when we have it bad, we have it good.

      One of the particularly hard things about this is that the… company motto is “families nurturing families” which just makes me want to scream because they’re working SO hard to take people who make a living wage and turn them into more hundreds and thousands of part-time workers with no benefits and below the poverty line pay. It’s… I mean, you just want to tell them to go fuck themselves and wish the company failure, but its also the middle of a pandemic and if I quit then… where am I going to go? I don’t know. Sorry to ramble. It’s just hard.

      I definitely feel you about starting a mystery quilt.. I kind of tossed it around for a while before deciding to just take it on. I just love to start things, which is a habit I keep hoping to break, but… maybe next year 😀


  2. The orchid mini is beautiful. Maybe add some beads, the next time you change it. I am glad you are doing my quilt along. The orange/reds will look great with yellow or blue. The gobble gobble mini is really nice.

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    1. Thanks for the suggestion re beads… I wouldn’t have thought of it! I used to have a ton of beads, but donated all of them last year when we had our house renovated, but I think I might still have some set aside for one of those SOMEDAY projects that might never roll around… I’ll have to think on that because if anything is the right sort of colour that might be a nice way to draw a little more attention to the parts that don’t stand out enough.

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  3. Ugh, I am sorry to hear about your job situation. I hope you have some answers sooner rather than later.

    I’ll be 48 this year and, meh, I know what I’m doing about every other day!

    Your orchid quilt is just so lovely. I loved the photos you shared.

    The blocks on your design wall are so cheerful. The color are yum.

    The Thanksgiving mini is great. It reminds me of something, but I can’t put my finger on it. The “Gobble Gobble” at the bottom almost looks like a caption. Super cute!

    I’m really enjoying seeing the different fabrics everyone is using for Michelle’s QAL. Yours have been awesome so far. Not that I expect anything less!


  4. Ugh I’m so sorry to hear what’s happening at work. I hope you are able to make a decision that your happy with. I know when my husband and I have made some of our crazy moves, we always agree to not look back. Whatever the decision second guessing it never helps. You can only lean into what you’ve decided. Hang in there! I know it’s a shitty situation to find yourself in.

    Oh my oldest son lives up in Minnesota. He has been saying the same thing. It went from not so bad of a winter to completely unbearable. I think you are warming up a tad this week. I hate winter so much. You won’t hear me calling you a baby. Winter sucks

    Oh the Orchid mini looks great.

    The thanksgiving wall hanging is cute. I love that both you and your sister made parts of it. I’m sure your mom will love it. The quilting looks good.

    I think the blue and orange would look good together.

    The leaders/ Enders blocks are always a great way to use the scraps.

    Happy Crafting


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