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TTMT 135

Fabrics for the mystery quilt along.

4 thoughts on “TTMT 135

  1. Yeah for getting the POD quilted. That is great progress. The home run quilt will be another good finish. I am excited that you are going to do the quilt along. Your fabrics are beautiful and will work great. Using the blue for the red, gives the quilt a totally different look and the secondary pattern that emerges is surprisingly different from the red, yellow and white combo. I look forward to seeing all the quilts people create with my pattern.


  2. Good for you getting your Project of Doom quilted! Believe me I know how daunting it can be. It took me months to finish quilting my 2015 one. It was awesome to see your shirt, I haven’t seen one in a long, long time!

    Do you remember back when I did Paper Piecing Vintage as a quilt along? My falling in love with vintage reproduction fabrics is entirely why that happened! I have found that my love for different kinds of fabric comes and goes as the years pass. You may well come back to loving those bright fabrics again!

    Happy sewing!


  3. I think those fabrics are so pretty. And you are right, if you don’t like them in the mystery quilt you will use them for something else. THat’s the great thing about fabric, it doesn’t go bad! 😉

    Congrats on quilting your PoD! That’s an acheivement!

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    1. Ya I have quilted 5 PoD now!!! Glad it’s done. They are calling for freezing rain tomorrow on my day off so I think it’s a good binding day. Last night I got the baseball quilt done. I just fell so hard for the Jane Austin fabric.


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