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TTMT#203-3yd tops

4 thoughts on “TTMT#203-3yd tops

  1. The charity quilt turned out fabulous. I like that stained glass panel you used. I am looking forward to travelling also.


  2. The 3 yard quilt went together fast and looks great. and your bees, I love that bee quilt so much! I saw one of those 3 yard quilt books online the other day and thought of you and all the quilts you make with it.

    Oh the fabric you picked for the baby quilt is wonderful! That’s going to be so cute.


  3. Yay for finishing your bees! They look fantastic!

    Oh, I remember doing three yard quilt some years ago and they were really, really fun. I like the way yours came out! We have some Linus ladies who are very prolific as well. I keep count from year to year but I have never tallied how many I have donated since the beginning. At some point I have to do that!

    I am dying to travel too. There are so many trips I would like to take! I really do hope that we get to have a Talk to Me Tuesday get together sooner rather than later.

    Happy sewing! I look forward to seeing how the baby quilt turns out!


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