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6 thoughts on “TTMT OH MY #99

  1. I like the knitted hats. What patterns are you using? The granny squares are coming a long. Glad to hear your mother is doing better.


    1. I’m just choosing patterns from Ravelry. There is a wonderful pattern maker (yaya lovestoknit) who creates hat patterns for donation. They are unique and fast. I do others too, just whatever looks fun.

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  2. Your hats are so pretty! I’m so glad you inspired me to knit again. I love my new hat! And your crochet blanket is so pretty.

    You do all those cute different crochet granny squares with different motifs. I have never done any bu the standard “textbook” granny square. That’s going to be a fantastic blanket

    I’m glad your mom is doing a bit better. And wow that’s amazing about your grandson. I hope you you get a photo of your granddaughter as Amelia Earhardt so you can share that with us!


  3. Hey.. I hope you and your family are all doing well after this insane weather in the Texas! I’ve been thinking of you.

    Love the Granny Square… so pretty! I love the scrappy looking ones like that with all the colours. The 365 of grannies will be so cool too.

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