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TTMT #121 – My first 6 blocks of the Year of Doom

7 thoughts on “TTMT #121 – My first 6 blocks of the Year of Doom

  1. Hi Mary,

    Look’s like you’re making great progress. I’m at the beginning stages still with my YOD. Sorry to hear about your brother. Sending healing prayers to you all.


    1. Thank you — for the prayers and the compliment. You’ll get there. I’ve been putting time into it, which I don’t always have.


  2. I really like the direction you are going with your YoD. I think that is kind of more the direction I am going, too… My favorite books and/or authors. I am leaning toward a shelf per favorite author. I think that the cloth you used was Prayer Cloth. It looks like what we used when I was in Fiddler on Roof in college, and we wore authentic prayer cloths in that.

    I am so glad your “other brother” was only in the hospital for a day. I hope he continues to improve. I’m sure that is oh so scary! I also refer to my oldest brother as my “other brother”. One brother is just a couple years older than I, and my “other brother” is 10 years older, so most of my friends don’t really know him because he was already married and lived several states away for years. So I totally get that.

    Hang in there. Your hair looks really nice. I think I have some light auburn hair color in my hall closet. Maybe it’s time to dig it out just for something different.


    1. Thanks. It may be a prayer cloth. It’s wider than I thought those are, but maybe folded lengthwise or something. It made a nice book. I was in Fiddler in the Roof in Junior High (played his youngest daughter).

      I’m so glad I’m not the only one with an other brother. We were really close growing up, because he is 15 months older than I am. My regular brother is 15 months older than him (my mom had cancer and was given 5 years to have kids, so she had 4 of us in 5 years). I’m the one who moved away for 35 years, and now that I am back he is retired, living across the Mississippi River, and travels a lot hunting around the world (except during the pandemic). I make sure we get together every month (except during the pandemic) and the three of us celebrated our birthdays and holidays together. We are all so relieved (he was on the wrong meds, but wouldn’t admit it).

      Go for the light auburn. I think that would look good on you.


  3. Your blocks are looking good. I like the theme you are going with. Glad your other brother is back home from the hospital. Prayers for continued healing. Covid-19 can just go away.


  4. It’s fun seeing your bookcases come together.. I like the idea of a bookcase quilt full of all your favourite books. The embroidery thing must make that much easier to handle than if you’d had to do them by hand.

    I’m sorry to hear your other brother became so sick… but glad he was out of the hospital quickly. I hope he’s still improving!


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